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Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1976

Kirkham, Michael & Associates was an Omaha architectural firm that practiced 1962-1976.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1963, 1965-1969, 1970-1976

Educational & Professional Associations

Other Associations

1951-1968: employed Warren Watson Keeler, architect.

1958, 1961: employed Roland Dale Reeves, structural engineer (1958) and department manager (1961).

1959, 1964-1967: employed Gary D. Churchill, draftsman (1959) and architect (1964-1967).

1961-1990: employed Robert Edward Strottman, vice president (1975-1985) and senior vice president (1990).

1962-1966: employed John Albert Vifquain, structural engineer.

1962-1963, 1966-1967: employed William Daniel Coffey, Jr., architect.

1962-1968: employed James A. Gorup, architect (1962-1968) and vice president (1968).

1965: employed Robert L. Moore, architect.

1965: employed Lance M. Reeder, architect.

1965-1966: employed Lawrence Oren Hunt, architect-in-training.

1966-1974: employed Stephen G. Sayler, architect trainee (1966-1970) and architect (1971-1974).

1967: employed Harry David Nelson, detailer.

1967-1968: employed John H. Pryor, architect.

1969-1970: employed Nick Kostos, architect.

1970-1973: employed Norman Dale Olsen, architect.

1970-1989: employed Francis X. Kammerer, employee (1970), project architect (1971), and architect (1972-1989).

1973: employed Stanley D. Lund, architect.

1975-1976: employed Jack Windsor Swaney, architect.

1977: employed Anthony C. Hazuka, architect.

1978-1980: employed Donald F. Prochaska, architect.

1978-1989, 1991-1997: employed Gary W. Nielsen, architect (1978-1989) and vice president (1991-1997).

1980-1982: employed John Michael Florell, architect.

1982-1983: employed David E. Bramow, architect.

1982-1983: employed Larry D. Smith, architect.

1986-1987: employed David C. Fischman, architect.

Buildings & Projects

Additions to Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Company Building (1958), 1440 M St, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][a]

Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Company Microwave Tower (1967), 1440 M St, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

American National Bank Drive-In Facility (1975), 9001 Maple St., Omaha, Nebraska.[4:159]

Nebraska Heart Institute Heart Hospital (2003), 91st & Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]


a. The massing of the building, following the additions, was designed by LT&Ts own staff, but the materials and detailing followed Martin Aitken’s original 1950 design. Kirkham Michael prepared the construction documents and supplied engineering for the building.[2]


1. Credited with the structural and civil engineering, in association with M.E. Group, Inc., prime engineers and consultants, Lincoln and Omaha; Stein Cox Group, Architects, Phoenix, Arizona, and Olsson Associates, Engineers, Lincoln; and Sinclair Hille Architects, Lincoln, exterior design, landscaping, and construction management. M.E. Group, Inc., “Building with Vision,” Nebraska Heart Institute Heart Hospital, supplement to the Lincoln Journal Star (April 2003), 10.

2. Design by LT&T Building Design Division in association with Kirkham Michael & Associates, Engineers and Architects. The 1958 additions included five stories plus penthouse above the original 1950 Martin Aitken building, the west section, and a two-bay four story addition to the east of the original. See City of Lincoln Building Permit 72669, May 27, 1958; Assenmacher Construction Company, Contractors.

3. Kirkham Michael & Associates, Architects of the microwave tower addition, 1967. See City of Lincoln Building Permit 93737, January 23, 1967; McKinney Construction Company, Contractors.

4. Steve Eveans, et al., New Architecture in Nebraska (American Society of Architects, Omaha, Nebraska: 1977).

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