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London, England; Ottawa, Canada; Lincoln, Nebraska

An 1869 advertisement in the Nebraska Statesman states: “John Morris, Architect and Superintendent, Lincoln, Nebraska, late of London, England, subsequently Superintendent of Government Buildings in Canada and Architect of new State House in Nebraska.”[2] This, then, is probably the same John Morris who designed the 1841 extension to Trinity Congregational Chapel in London, as well as a number of terraces along East India Dock Road in London from 1851-1859. Those designed from 1854 on were credited to John Morris & Son, including those at 85-87 East India Dock Road, described as “…specimens of the unappealing style of the local architectural firm of John Morris & Son[.]”[5]

Morris was working in Ottawa in 1861, and in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1868-1869, but no further reference to him or his career has been found, including searches of the federal census in Cook County, Illinois in 1860, 1870, and 1880 (see note [a]), and in Nebraska in 1860 and 1870.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Educational & Professional Associations

ca. 1841-1854: architect, London, England.[5]

ca. 1854-1859: architect and partner, John Morris & Son, London, England.[5]

1861: clerk of government works, Ottawa, Canada.[4]

1869: architect, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2]

Buildings & Projects

First State Capitol (1868-1869), 15th & J Sts, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][2][a][b]


a. Mistakenly attributed to James Morris, Chicago, Illinois; in Oliver Pollak, reference [1].

b. Contractor, Joseph Ward.[3]


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Other Sources

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