John Frederick Hyde (1911-1980), Architect

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1937-1976

AKA: John F. Hyde, Jr., Architect

Born October 13, 1911 to John Fay Hyde (1885-1950) and Mabel Elvina Nichols Hyde (1888-1954), ‘’’John F. Hyde, Jr.’’’ was a member of the American Institute of Architects from 1954-1974, but never supplied biographical or professional information to the organization for publication in any of their directories.[3] His resume thus far, therefore, is derived almost exclusively from directory listings and building permits. Hyde married Anna Jane Beaton on June 25, 1935 and became a registered architect in Nebraska in 1939. Hyde died in Omaha on September 13, 1980.[4]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1928-1939, 1940-1978

Educational & Professional Associations

1927: graduated, Omaha North High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1928-1929: no Omaha listings.

1931-1934: residing with parents, Omaha, Nebraska.

1937-1942: architect, office at parents’ house (1940, living on Capitol Ave), Omaha, Nebraska.

1939: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, November 7, 1939.[4]

1942: residing in Denver, Colorado.[4]

1943-1945: employed by “N.S. Engineers,” then Martin Bomber Plant.[4]

1948-1954: architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[3][4]

1951-1965: no Omaha listings.

1966-1975: architect, 515 S 96th, Omaha, Nebraska.

1978: retired, Omaha, Nebraska,

Buildings & Projects

Building (1938), 1628-32 N 52nd St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1]

Duplex (1938), 5101-03 Izard St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0437-015)

William Blonder House (1938), 2057 N 54th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0444-092)

C. Russell Cravens House (1939), 2008 N 55th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0444-045)

Alice Brietenbauch House (1939), 2002 N 55th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0444-046)

Raymond C. Swanson House (1939), 2607 N 56th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0446-020)

House (1940), 683 J.E. George Blvd, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0438-136)

House (1941), 687 J.E. George Blvd, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0438-134)

House (1941), 660 N 59th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0436-091)

Burton B. Peterson House (1941), 2037 N 53rd St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0444-069)

Walter H. Rowley House (1941) 2421 N 56th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][6] (DO09:0444-005)

Leo F. Moosebrugger House (1941), 2010 Country Club Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[6] (DO09:0443-051)

Eugene J. Church House (1941), 5011 Blondo. Omaha, Nebraska.[6] (DO09:0441-085)

House (1945), 1117 N 56th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0438-151)

C. D. and Margaret Lutton House (1955-1956), 1925 Adams, Ashland, Nebraska.[5]

Lazar and Bernice R. Kaplan House (1950), 617 Fairacres Road, Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0547-044)

House (1957), 762 N 57th Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[1] (DO09:0438-214)

John F. Hyde House (ca. 1966), 515 S 96th, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]



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