John Alden Shaver (1918-2010), Architect

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Salina, Kansas, 1945-2008

DBA: Shaver & Shaver; Shaver & Company; The Shaver Partnership

John Alden Shaver was born March 4, 1918 in Salina, Kansas. He graduated with honors with a degree in architecture from Kansas State University in 1941, then did post-graduate work at Stanford, where he did leading edge educational design research. After serving as a Captain in the U. S. Army during the war, he joined his father, Charles W. Shaver, in his Salina architectural practice in 1945. The partnership came to be known as Shaver and Shaver. After his father’s death in 1961, the firm was renamed Shaver & Company, and again ca. 1973, The Shaver Partnership. He built one of the largest educational design firms in the country, and is credited with over 300 school commissions. Shaver was married 53 years to Patricia; they had three sons and a daughter. He died November 21, 2010, in Salina.[1][4]

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First Baptist Church, 1964-1965 (D. Murphy)

Educational & Professional Associations

1941: B.S. degree in architecture, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.[1][4]

1941-1946: Captain, U. S. Army.[4][5]

1945-1947: draftsman, Charles W. Shaver, Architect, Salina, Kansas.[4][5]

ca. 1947-1961: architect and partner, Shaver & Shaver, Architects, Salina, Kansas.[4][5][a][b]

1958: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, October 31, 1958; A-445.[4][c]

1961-ca. 1973: architect and owner, Shaver & Company, Architects, Salina, Kansas.[4]

ca. 1973-2008: architect and owner, The Shaver Partnership, Salina, Kansas.[4]

Nebraska Buildings & Projects

Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church (1948-1950), 7301 N. 28th Street, Omaha, Nebraska.

First Baptist Church (1964-1965), 1340 K Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][6][d][e]

Sutton Federated Church (1964-1966), 407 N. Saunders Ave, Sutton, Nebraska.

Honors & Awards

Salina Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame.[2]


a. Continuing summer courses in school planning, Stanford University, 1954-1965.[4]

b. Partners, Charles William Shaver and son, John A. Shaver.[2]

c. The license expired on December 31, 2008.[3]

d. Shaver & Company, Architects. City of Lincoln Building Permit #86830, June 16, 1964, $478,216. Kingery Construction Company, Contractors.

e. Kansas AIA Design Award, 1965.[5]


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