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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1945-1969


Nathan Bruce Hazen, Lincoln, Nebraska

Marvin L. Robinson, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Nelle Cochrane Woods Art Building, 1962-1963 (D. Murphy)

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1947, 1950-1951, 1953, 1955-1956, 1958-1959, 1960-1965, 1967

Lineage of Associations

1945-1969: Hazen & Robinson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1970-1971: Aitken, Graf, Hazen, Hoffman & Hull, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1971: Aitken, Graf & Hazen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1972-1973: Aitken, Hazen, Hoffman & Hull, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1974: Aitken, Hazen, Hoffman & Miller, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1975-1978: Hazen, Hoffman & Miller, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1978-1997: Aitken, Hazen, Hoffman & Miller, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

Memorial Chapel, 1949-1952 (D. Murphy)
Administration Annex, 1953-1958 (D. Murphy)
Nelle Cochrane Woods Art Building, 1962-1963 (D. Murphy)
Kimball Recital Hall, 1968-1969 (D. Murphy)

Bess Streeter Aldrich House (1947), 1000 South 52nd Street (name later changed to Aldrich Road), Lincoln, Nebraska.[17]

Memorial Chapel and Educational Unit (1949-1953), Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2110 Sheridan, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][6][a]

House (1950), 2540 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-502)

Kitchen Facilities Building (1952), Nebraska State Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

First Federal Building & Loan, Lincoln Office (1953), Cotner Blvd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][6]

Whitehall School (1953), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Faith Lutheran Church (1953), 6345 Madison Ave., Lincoln, Nebraska.[13]

Administration Annex (1953-1958), University of Nebraska, City Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][5][b]

Millard Lefler Junior High School (1956), 1100 S 48th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Associated architects, Pershing Municipal Auditorium (1956-1957), 15th & N Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][e]

First Evangelical Covenant Lutheran Church (1959), 6024 L St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[14]

13th & A Building (1960), 1413 S. 13th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Headquarters (1961), 1220 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Supervising architects/coordinating partners, for architect Philip Johnson, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery (1961-1963), Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][7][c]

Bennet Martin Public Library (1962), northeast corner 14th & N, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][6]

Nelle Cochrane Woods Art Building (1962-1963), University of Nebraska, City Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][3][5]

Addition to Mrs. M. E. Forsyth House (1963), 900 Fall Creek Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[16][f]

First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Homestead Office (1964), 42nd and Francis Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][6]

Westbrook Music Building (1967), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][3][5][6]

Rehabilitation, Medical, and Research Building - University of Nebraska Medical Research Facility Building (1964-1968), Beatrice State Hospital, Beatrice, Nebraska.[6][12][d]

Kimball Recital Hall (1968-1969), University of Nebraska, City Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][3][5][6]

Proposal for Student Health Center (n.d.), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[15]


a. Harry Francis Cunningham, consulting architect for the Westminster chapel design.

b. Hazen & Robinson commenced work on the new Administration Building in 1954, following preliminary site and program planning directed by Linus Burr Smith, then chair of the School of Architecture.[5]

c. Logan-Peters, in "Hazen And Robinson," describes them as coordinating partners with Johnson, while Robinson, in "Art...," uses the term supervising architects.[7][10]

d. Two building names and dates, from two different sources; presumed here to be the same building. The former name appears in "Beatrice Home Eyes...," and gives an anticipated completion date of 1966; Hazen's date, given in AIA Historical Directory, registers the year as 1968. The former source illustrates an expansive two story building, estimated to cost 1.4 million dollars.[12][6]

e. The design and construction of Pershing Auditorium was a collaboration of four architectural firms, working under the title of Associated Architects; these were Davis & Wilson, Schaumberg & Freeman, Hazen & Robinson, and Fritz Craig. A fifth architect, Steve Cook, was superintendent of construction.[11]

f. Hazen & Robinson are listed on the 1963 building permit for an "add[ition] on 3 sides" to a 1948 house designed by Martin I. Aitken.[16]


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