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==Buildings & Projects==
==Buildings & Projects==
Cairo Grade and High School (1914), Cairo, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:8][4]]]
Cairo Grade and High School (1914), Cairo, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:8][4]]]
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American Legion Hall (1923), Albion, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:161]]]
American Legion Hall (1923), Albion, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:161]]]
Haach Duplex (1923), Kearney, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:48]]]
Haach Duplex (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[[#References|[3:48]]]

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Columbus, Nebraska, 1914-1923


George Grabe, Columbus and Fremont, Nebraska

John Peter Helleberg, Sr., Kearney, Nebraska

The Grabe & Helleberg partnership formed in July of 1914; successor firm of Wurdeman & Grabe, Architects.[1]

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Scribner Public School, 1922-1923 (D. Murphy)

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Columbus, Nebraska, 1914-1923

Lineage of the Firm

1911-1913: Wurdeman & Grabe, Architects, Columbus, Nebraska.

1914-1923: Grabe & Helleberg, Architects, Columbus, Nebraska.

1923-1946: John P. Helleberg, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska.[3][4][a]

1952-1983: Helleberg & Helleberg, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska, 1946-1983.

Buildings & Projects

Cairo Grade and High School (1914), Cairo, Nebraska.[3:8][4]

Cody Grade and High School (1914), Cody, Nebraska.[4]

Schuyler High School (1915), Schuyler, Nebraska.[4]

Stromsburg Public Library (1915-1917), 113 E 5th, Stromsburg, Nebraska. (PK04-007)

Winner High School (1916), Winner, South Dakota.[4]

Niobrara Grade and High School (1916), Niobrara, Nebraska.[4]

Smith National Bank (1917), St. Edward, Nebraska.[3:61]

Freidhof Department Store and Office (1917), Columbus, Nebraska.[3:62]

Farley Garage (1917), Cedar Rapids, Nebraska.[3:65]

Newman Grove Grade School (1917), Newman Grove, Nebraska.[4]

Primrose School (1917), Primrose, Nebraska.[4]

Clarksville Township Carnegie Library (1917-1918), NW Corner Amity & Green, Clarks, Nebraska.[3:70] (MK04-002)

Newman Grove School (1918), Newman Grove, Nebraska.[2]

Double Store for Strain & Lancaster (1918), Gregory, South Dakota.[2]

Security Bank (1918), Winner, South Dakota.[2]

William Ripp house (1918), Cedar Rapids, Nebraska.[2]

Store for J. A. Desch (1918), Central City, Nebraska.[2]

Alexandria Grade and High School (1918), Alexandria, South Dakota.[4]

Herrick School (1918-1919), Herrick, South Dakota.[4][5][b]

Monroe Grade and High School (1918-1919), Monroe, Nebraska.[3:102]

Bank (1919), Monroe, Nebraska.[3:113]

Sandin Auto Company Garage (1920), Aurora, Nebraska.[3:128]

Gottberg Auto Garage (1920-1921), 2801 13th St, Columbus, Nebraska.[3:130]

Evans Hospital (1920), Columbus, Nebraska.[3:134]

Delmont Grade and High School (1920), Delmont, South Dakota.[3:131][4]

Proposal for Winner Grade School (1920), Winner, South Dakota.[4]

Band Stand (1921), Columbus, Nebraska.[3:143]

Loma Grade and High School (1922), Loma, Nebraska.[4]

Scribner Public School (1922-1923), Pebble at Main, Scribner, Nebraska.[4] (DD10-056)

American Legion Hall (1923), Albion, Nebraska.[3:161]

Haach Duplex (1923), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:48]


a. Successor firm to Grabe & Helleberg.[3][4]

b. The Herrick, South Dakota, School was a combined grade and high school building. Thank you to Liz Almlie, South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office, for correcting this entry and providing the American Contractor citation ([5]), October 11, 2017.


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