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Grand Island, 1929-1941, 1945-1957, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1943-1944

Gordon Shattuck was a leading modern architect in Grand Island, Nebraska, practicing there principally from 1923-1943. He apprenticed, then practiced with Arthur D. Baker, Grand Island, Nebraska, then assumed Baker’s business and established his own firm in 1933. He is noted as the architect for a number of modern residences in Grand Island, having designed several schools in the area as well.

Shattuck was born in Cairo, Nebraska, May 19, 1901, the son of Amos Henry Shattuck and Clara L. Craig Shattuck. He married Virginia Neligh in September of 1924 (deceased, 1938), and together they had one son, Craig N., and daughter, Patricia Jane (Stephenson). He died November 1, 1989 in Seattle, Washington, where he retired; he was survived by his son (Perth, Australia), and daughters Patricia Stephenson (Carmel, California) and Lynn Shattuck of Seattle. He was a past member of the Rotary Club (1940), and member of the Nebraska Engineering Society, University Club in Lincoln, AF & AM, BPOE, Liederkranz Society, and the Baptist Church in Grand island.[1][2][4]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Grand Island, Nebraska, 1929-1932, 1934-1941, 1945-1946, 1957

Omaha, Nebraska, 1943-1944

Educational & Professional Associations

1917: Cairo High School, Cairo, Nebraska.[2]

1920s: attended Ottawa College, Ottawa, Kansas.[2][4]

1923: Bachelor of Arts, Grand Island Baptist College, Grand Island, Nebraska.[2][4]

1923-1926: building superintendent business, Grand Island, Nebraska.[2]

1926-1933: draftsman and architect, Arthur D. Baker, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska.[2]

1933-1941: Gordon Shattuck, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska.[a]

1937: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-40; December 28, 1937.[9]

1943-1944: project manager, Peter Kiewit Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1945-1946: Gordon Shattuck Architect, Grand island, Nebraska.

1957: occupation not listed, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Other Associations

ca. 1933-1942: employed J. Wesley Noaecker, architect apprentice (1938-1939) and architect (1940-1942).[5]

Buildings & Projects


Miller Hall (1920), Chadron State College, 1000 Main St., Chadron, Nebraska.[10]

Athenian Gateway (ca. 1923), Grand Island Baptist College, Grand Island, Nebraska.[4][b]

Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center (1929), Chadron State College, 1000 Main St., Chadron, Nebraska.[10]

House (ca. 1930s), SW corner Anna & Harrison, Grand Island, Nebraska.[1] (HL06-118)

Edna G. Work Hall (1932), Chadron State College, 1000 Main St., Chadron, Nebraska.[10]

Proposal for new Grand Island City Library (1937), Grand Island, Nebraska.[8]

Mrs. H. J. Bartenbach house redesign (1937-1938), Grand Island, Nebraska.[3][4] (HL06-052)

Crites Hall (1938), Chadron State Teachers College, Chadron, Nebraska.[2][3][10] (DW03-094)

Pier Park Swimming Pool (1939-1941), Grand Island, Nebraska.[4][6]

Island City Hall (1940-1941), Grand Island, Nebraska.[2][4][7]


Boys Dormitory (n.d.), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[2]

Minden High School (n.d.), Minden, Nebraska.[2]

Clink Building (n.d.), Grand Island, Nebraska.

C of C Building (n.d.)[2]


a. Successor firm to Arthur D. Baker, Grand Island, Nebraska.[2]

b. Now (1989) located at the Stuhr Museum, Grand Island, Nebraska.[4]


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