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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1940s; Salinas, California, 1950-1990s

George Kuska was born on August 18, 1921 in Lincoln, Nebraska to parents Nellie McVey and Joseph Kuska.[3][4][5] His family lived in Colby, Kansas while Kuska and his siblings grew up, and Kuska graduated from Colby High School in 1939. He studied architecture at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln until he was drafted for World War II in 1942. He returned to UNL to study architecture in 1945, where as a senior in 1948, he won a university design contest for the Ralph Mueller Tower on the UNL campus.[2][3][4] In June of 1951, Kuska married LoRee Grumbein, and they had 4 children. Kuska moved to Salinas, California around 1951, and for over 50 years, he designed numerous schools, churches, libraries, and other buildings around Central California. George Kuska died on March 25, 2003.[2][3][4][5]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Educational & Professional Associations

1939: graduate, Colby High School, Colby, Kansas.[3]

1939-1941: student, architecture, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

1942-1945: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Corps of Military Police, New Guinea.[3]

1948/1949: BArch, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

1951-2000s: George Kuska, Architect, Salinas, California.

Buildings & Projects

Ralph Mueller Tower (1948-1949), University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][3][4][5]

Prairie Museum of Art & History (1988), Colby, Kansas.[3][4]

Writings & Publications

George Kuska and Barbara Linse, Our Missions Past (Larkspur, CA: Educational Book Distributors, 1984).



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