Frederick L. Burrell (ca. 1855- ), Architect

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Fremont, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Frederick L. Burrell was born on April 26, 1855 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Caroline Hunt and Joseph W. Burrell, the eldest of five children. He was educated in Alabama, and when he was sixteen years old, he began a preparatory class in civil engineering at Harvard, but due to illness he chose to abandon that course. He instead joined a corps of engineers and learned through field work. He came to Nebraska in 1882, and he was a partner in the Omaha firm Kenney, Simmons & Burrell, as well as the firm Andrews & Burrell. [1][2] Next, he worked as an engineer in Wahoo and Furnas County. He worked from his homestead and Cleveland, Ohio for several years. He worked as an engineer and was the deputy county surveyor in Cleveland. He also engaged in other work, such as work for railroads, stock yards, and a bank. He was superintendent of bridges and buildings and county surveyor for Dodge County, as well as the city engineer in Fremont [2] He was married to Nellie O. Barney in 1882, and they had two children, William and Gladys. [1] Burrell died on May 30, 1932.[3]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Fremont, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Educational & Professional Associations

ca. 1871: preparatory class, Harvard University [2]

ca. 1872-1876: corps of engineers, with Professor Henck [2]

ca. 1876-1878: engineer, Wahoo, Nebraska.[2]

ca. 1878-1881: engineer, Furnas County, Nebraska.[2]

1881-1885: deputy county surveyor, Cleveland, Ohio.[2]

____-____: Kenney, Simmons & Burrell, Omaha, Nebraska.

1885: banking county, North Loup, Nebraska.[2]

ca. 1885: civil engineer, Chicago northwestern Railway, Fremont, Nebraska.[2]

1887: yard locator, Fremont Stock Yards Company, Fremont, Nebraska.[2]

1887: Elkhorn Railroad Company, Elkhorn, Nebraska.[2]

1888-1889: city engineer, Fremont, Nebraska.[2]

1889-1893: Andrews & Burrell, Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

1909-1910: Mayor, Fremont, Nebraska.[4]

Buildings & Projects



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