Frank Nestor "Nes" Latenser (1925-2006), Engineer

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1948-1978

Born in 1925, Nes Latenser was a member of the third generation of Latenser architests and engineers in America. The son of architect Frank J. Latenser, he joined the firm of Latenser & Sons in 1948 as a draftsman. In 1950, after passing his exams in structural engineering, he assumed a role of engineer with the firm.

Latenser was active in the historic preservation movement as a founding member of Landmarks, Inc., in Omaha, and a board member of the Nebraska State Historical Society. In the 1960s he worked, unsuccessfully, to preserve the old Omaha Post Office Building, which his grandfather, John L. Latenser superintended as one of his first Omaha jobs.[3] In 1966 he became the third president of John Latenser & Sons. He died June 2, 2006.[1][2][3]

Cupcake bank 2w.jpg
Omaha National Bank Satellite Facility aka “Cupcake Bank” (1968), (Lynn Meyer)

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Lineage of John Latenser’s Sons

1. John L. Latenser (1858-1936), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1885-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1936)

2. John Latenser, Jr. (1888-1978), Architect and Engineer (John L. Latenser, 1912-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1970)
3. John F. Latenser, MD
3. William Banks Latenser (1926-____), Architect (Latenser & Sons, 1953-1978, and Latenser & Associates, 1978-1997)
4. William B. Latenser, Jr.
4. Robert L. Latenser
4. Paul Miller Latenser, Architect (other Omaha firms, ca. 1987-2000+)
4. Matthew A. Latenser
2. Frank J. Latenser (1890-1973), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1913-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1973)
3. James Seymour Latenser, Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1949-1956)
3. Frank Nestor “Nes” Latenser (1925-2006), Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1948-1978)
2. George Latenser (1903-1940), Builder (With Latenser & Sons, 1929-1932; independent builder thereafter.)

Educational & Professional Associations

____: graduate, U. S. Navy accelerated engineering degree, Iowa State College.[3]

____: served, U. S. Navy, in Hawaii.[3]

____: graduate studies in city planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[3]

____: graduate studies in city planning, Notre Dame University.[3]

1948-1951: draftsman, John Latenser & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1950: Registered Professional Engineer (Structural), Nebraska, E-1135; December 16, 1950.[1][2]

1951-1978: engineer, John Latenser & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1966-1978: president, John Latenser & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

1978: License expired, December 31, 1978.[2]

2006: Died, Omaha, Nebraska.

Principal Works

All of Frank "Nes" Latenser’s work was performed on behalf of the firm, John Latenser & Sons.

Omaha National Bank Satellite Facility aka “Cupcake Bank” (1968), 1818 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[4] (DO09:0126-025)

W. Dale Clark Library.[3]

Physicians Clinic.[3]

Booth Memorial Hospital.[3]

Eppley Cancer Institute.[3]

St. Francis Cabrini Convent.[3]

Doctors Building.[3]

Northern Natural Gass Building.[3]

Applied Arts Building, Omaha University.[3]

Uta Halee Girls Village, 3017 Mormon St, Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

Bryan Junior High School.[3]



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