Fiske, Meginnis & Schaumberg, Architects

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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1925


Ferdinand Fiske, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Harry Meginnis, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Edward Schaumberg, Architect, Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebraska

After joining the firm of Fiske & Meginnis around 1923 as a draftsman, Edward Schaumberg was made a partner in 1924. Before the end of 1925, Meginnis & Schaumberg separated from Ferdinand Fiske, who practiced independently until his death in 1930.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1925

Lineage of the Firm

1888-1889: Fiske & Peters, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1900-1910: Dieman & Fiske, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

1902-1904: Fiske, Dieman & Meginnis, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1902-1910: Fiske & Dieman, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1913-1914: Fiske & Miller, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1915-1924: Fiske & Meginnis, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1925: Fiske, Meginnis & Schaumberg, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1925-1951: Meginnis & Schaumberg, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

Lincoln Improvement Company Building (1924), 1235 N St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Hayward School Addition (1924-1926), 9th & Charleston, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4] (LC13:C10-110)

Woodward House (1925), 2248 Sheridan Blvd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6] (LC13:D05-514)

Fred Walt House (1925), 2330 Woodscrest Avenue, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][7] (LC13:D05-550)

Unit D (1925), Lincoln Methodist Hospital, 4848 Sumner, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Power House (1925), Lincoln Methodist Hospital, 4848 Sumner, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Falls City High School (1925), Falls City, Nebraska.[2]

Clinton Elementary School (1925-1926), 28th & Holdrege Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3](LC13:E11-164)

Hartley Elementary School Addition (1925), 33rd & Vine Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]



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