Eugene Arvon Griffiths (1917-1992), Architect

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Grand Island, 1950-1955; and Hastings, Nebraska, 1955-1985

Also DBA: Eugene Griffiths Company, Architects, Hastings, Nebraska.

Eugene Arvon Griffiths was born in Wymore, Nebraska on January 10, 1917.[1][2][3][4] He attended Omaha University in 1935, but his studies were interrupted when Griffiths served in the United States army from 1941-1945.[1][2][3] Griffiths resumed his educational pursuits at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, in 1946, receiving his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Architecture in 1949, at the age of 32. Griffiths married Francis Brainard on December 6, 1942, later having a son, Edward.[1][2][3][4]

Griffiths was heavily involved in his community, being the Organist-Director in the American Guild of Organists from 1942-1955.[1] He further demonstrated his musical interests by being the Music Director for Kiwanis from 1954-1955.[1] He was President of the State chapter of the National Presbyterian Marlaners from 1954-1955, and during the same year was President of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Film Arts Society.[1] Griffiths also served as secretary-treasurer for the non-profit Toastmasters International.[1] He was both member and deacon in the First Presbyterian Church.[4] Additionally, Griffiths was a member of Hastings Lodge 150 A.F. & A.M., Scottish Rite, Tehama Shrine, and the American Institute of Architects.[4] To round up his long resume of civic involvement, Griffiths was an occasional lecturer, as well as Color Consultant at Grand Island High School[1].

Griffiths died June 17, 1992 in Lincoln.[4]

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Educational & Professional Associations

1935: graduated Benson High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1941-1946: U. S. Army.[4]

1950: Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.[4]

1950-1954: architect, Frank N. McNett & Company, Grand island, Nebraska.[1][2]

1954: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-317, December 18, 1954.[5]

1955: architect, McNett Stanage & Company, Grand Island, Nebraska.[1][2]

1955-1985: owner, Eugene Griffiths Architects, Hastings, Nebraska.[1][2][3][4][a]

1985: License expired December 31, 1985.[5]

Other Associations

1967: employed Harold Fritz Friborg, architect.

Buildings & Projects

Lexington Clinic (1954-1955), Lexington, Nebraska.[1][b]

Dr. Proffitt Residence (1954-1955), Grand Island, Nebraska.[1][b]

Grand Island High School (1955), Grand Island, Nebraska.[1]

Sidney Hospital (1955), Sidney, Nebraska.[1]

Wasmer Grade School (1955).[1]

Medical Surgical Building (1957), Hastings, Nebraska.[2]

Dr. Clyde Kleager Residence (1959), Hastings, Nebraska.[2]

Consumer’s Co-op Warehouse and Service Garage (1960), Enid, Oklahoma.[2]

Consumer’s Co-op Warehouse and Service Garage (1960), Mcpherson, Kansas.[2]

Grace EUB Church and Education Unit (1960), Hastings, Nebraska.[2]

Geneva Public School Addition (1960), Geneva, Nebraska.[2]

Friend Public School (1968), Friend, Nebraska.[3]

Centura Public Junior and Senior High School (1969), Cairo, Nebraska.[3]

Good Samaritan Center Nursing Home (1969), Lovington, New Mexico.[3]

Good Samaritan Center Nursing Home (1969), Fairfield, Washington.[3]


a. In later years (1957-1976) known as Eugene Griffiths Company.[4] b. In association with McNett-Stanage Company, Architects, Grand Island, Nebraska.[1]


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