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Verdigre, 1917-1941, and Grant, Nebraska, 1938S

Emil Paul Schreier was born June 26 or June 28, 1891, in Verdigre, son of Emil and Mary Novacek Schreier.[1][2][e] His father, Emil (1862-1924), was one of the original Czech settlers in Knox County, locating in the Pischelville community in 1870 along with his father, Jan Srajer (1827-1892), and brothers Vincent and Raimond.[5][6] Schreier was heir to a line of carpenter-builders that extended back at least two generations to his grandfather, Jan, who, in addition to farming, likely built the family houses along Steel Creek in the Pischelville community.[d] Emil’s father was primarily a builder and lumberman in Verdigre, having moved there from the farm in December of 1890 to work in Horton’s lumberyard. The elder Emil built the Nebraska State Bank Building in Verdigre in 1911, and started the family’s own lumber business in 1919.[4:387-88]

Schreier married Alice Sandoz on June 18, 1919, in Verdigre, Nebraska.[4:388] “For many years Mr. Schreier was actively engaged in architectural and contract work, not only in Verdigre, but at Bonesteel, S. D. and Norfolk. … In 1935 Mr. Schreier went to western Nebraska where he served as engineer for the PWA on irrigation construction projects and later to Omaha as engineer for the north Omaha PWA federal housing project.” “During the past year and a half he was WPA superintendent of construction on projects at Bloomfield.”[2][4:386-388] Schreier died in October 1941, due to a heart attack which occurred while he was pheasant hunting.[3]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Verdigre, Nebraska, 1917, 1939, 1940-1941; Grant, Nebraska, 1938

Educational & Professional Associations

1903-1908: student, Verdigre Public Schools, Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]

1908-1910: student, Peru State Normal, Peru, Nebraska.[1][c]

1910: lumber dealer, Verdigre Township, Nebraska.[7]

1910-1914: Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.[1][2]

1914-1915: draftsman, Thomas Rogers Kimball, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[1]

1915: Degree from University of Illinois, college of architecture.[2]

1915: architect and contractor in private practice.[1]

1916-1917: draftsman, Albert H. Dyer, Architect, Fremont, Nebraska.[#References|[1]]]

1916-1917: draftsman, Jesse Boaz Miller, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1917-1919: U.S. Army, World War I.[2][4:388]

1919-1921: architect and contractor, Verdigre, Nebraska.[#References|[4:388]]]

1921-1922: superintendent of construction, Verdigre Public Schools, Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]

1922-1934: architect and contractor, Verdigre, Nebraska and Bonesteel, South Dakota.[#References|[1][4:388]]]

1934: superintendent of construction, Knox County Court House, Center, Nebraska.[1][b]

1935-1936: assistant resident engineer inspector, Public Works Administration, irrigation construction projects, western Nebraska.[1][4:388]

1936-1938: material and assistant building inspector, for H. H. Haaker, Omaha, Nebraska.[1]

1938: listed as an architect in the Grant, Nebraska city directory.

1938: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska.[1]

1939-1941: architect and contractor, Verdigre, Nebraska.[4:388]

1941: last registered.[1]

Buildings & Projects


St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church (1915-1916), Verdigre, Nebraska, For Reverend Z.C.Petlach, Clarkson, Nebraska.[1][2][4:388]

Sandoz Garage Building (1920s), Verdigre, Nebraska, for E.C. Sandoz, Santa Anna, California.[1][2][4:388]

Verdigre Motor Company Garage (1920s), Verdigre, Nebraska.[2][4:388]

Emil P. Schreier House (ca. 1920), Verdigre, Nebraska.[4:388]

Verdigre Public School (1920-1922), Verdigre, Nebraska.[1][2][4:388][a]

Pavlick’s Service Station (ca. 1930), Verdigre, Nebraska.[2][4:388]

Knox County Courthouse (1934), Center, Nebraska.[1][2][4:388[b]

Bloomfield WPA projects (ca. 1940), Bloomfield, Nebraska.[4:388]


Store Building for Joseph A. Veceral (n.d.), Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]

E. E. Sandoz House (n.d.), Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]

Creamery for J. J. Chalupnik (n.d.), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Filling Station for J. J. Chalupnik (n.d.), Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]

Store Building for John Sullivan (n.d.), Bonesteel, South Dakota.[1]

Store Building for Ben Roubicek (n.d.), Verdigre, Nebraska.[1]


a. Superintendent of construction, for E. B. Watson, Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

b. Superintendent of construction, for John D. Forsythe, Niobrara.[1]

c. Reference [4:388] states Wayne Normal College.

d. See the superb carpentry in the traditional horizontal timber house attributed to Jan Srajer in the 1870s: the Srajer-Dryak House, Pischelville, Knox County, Nebraska (KX00-022).

e. Source [1] has Schreier's birthday as June 28, but source [2] has it as June 26.


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