Edmond Jacques Eckel (1845-1934), Architect

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St. Joseph, Missouri, 1870-1934

Edmond Jacques Eckel (1845-1934), F.A.I.A.[a]

Edmond Jacques Eckel was born in France in 1845.[1][2] While in France, Eckel was apprenticed to several French architects, studying for four years at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.[1] Around 1870, Eckel traveled to America, settling in St. Joseph, Missouri and commencing a very productive career in architecture.[1][2] In 1873, Eckel spent a season in Lincoln, Nebraska superintending construction of an opera house and operating an architectural partnership as Eckel & Meier. From about 1880 to 1892, Eckel was in partnership with George R. Mann as Eckel & Mann. In 1910 he established a long-standing architectural firm in Saint Joseph, Missouri with his George R. Eckel and William S. Aldrich as Eckel & Aldrich, Architects [6]. Edmond Eckel died in 1934.[1][2]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Educational & Professional Associations

1873: Eckel & Meier, architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

ca. 1880-1892: Eckel & Mann, Architects, Saint Joseph, Missouri.

1910-1934: Eckel & Aldrich, Saint Joseph, Missouri.[c]

Buildings & Projects


Hallo's Opera House (1873), SW corner of 12th & O, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][b]

Eckel & Meier, Architects, 1873, Lincoln

While Eckel was in Lincoln superintending the construction of Hallo's Opera House, he advertised repeatedly as "Eckel & Meier, Architects and Superintendents." Alfred Meier (1850-1916) was a Swiss-born architect and civil engineer. No additional projects by the partnership of Eckel & Meier have been identified.[7][8][9]

Eckel & Mann, Architects, 1880-1892, Saint Joseph, Missouri

The Omaha-area work of the partnership Eckel & Mann is detailed on their separate page.



a. Eckel's name is spelled in various sources as Edmond or Edmund and Jacques or Jaques. The spelling selected for this page is from his death certificate and from his gravestone in Mount Mora Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.[3][4]

b. A note in Nebraska State Journal in March of 1873 reported: "Edmund Eckel, Architect. The gentleman who is the architect and superintendent of the Opera House building being constructed by H. Hallo, will remain in Lincoln during the summer, and can be seen at the store of H. Hallo, corner of O and 11 streets."[5]

c. The architectural firm of Eckel & Aldrich continues today (2018) in Saint Joseph, Missouri as Brunner and Brunner, Architects and Engineers.

d. Meier is listed in the 1900 census as having immigrated in 1869 and as a naturalized citizen. His age was 49, having been born in June 1850. Around 1872 he married Lena, who was born in Missouri in 1854. The first two of their children were born in Missouri (in 1873 and 1874), the next ten in Kansas (between 1876 and 1892). At the time of the 1880 census the family resided in Atchison, Kansas, and Alfred Meier was listed as an architect and civil engineer. Alfred Meier's gravestone in Ashland Cemetery in Saint Joseph bears a handsome bas relief portrait of the architect.[8][9]


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