Dougher, Rich & Woodburn, Architects

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Des Moines, Iowa, 1923-1947


James Albert Dougher

Herbert E. Rich

Chester Charles Woodburn

Dougher, Rich & Woodburn was an architectural and engineering firm based in Des Moines, Iowa. It was formed in 1923, and lasted until Rich's death, after which the remaining members formed separate partnerships.[2] They are credited with one Nebraska design.

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Centenary United Methodist Church, 1929 (D. Murphy)

Lineage of the Firm

1923-1947: Dougher, Rich & Woodburn, Architects

1955: Dougher, Frevert and Ramsey, Architects

1971: Frevert, Ramsey and Drey, Architects

1982: Frevert, Ramsey and Kobes, Architects [2]

Nebraska Buildings & Projects

Centenary United Methodist Church (1929), 6th & Elk, Beatrice, Nebraska. [1]


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