Donald C. Bollard (1885-1962), Architect

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1921; Kansas City, Missouri, 1925-1960

DBA: D. C. Bollard

Donald C. Bollard was born on September 1, 1885 in Omaha, Nebraska to Jennie and Herbert Bollard. He graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Sorbonne in Paris.[9][10] He first appears performing architectural work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Washington, D. C. He returned to Nebraska in 1915, working in Omaha, and started his own firm in 1920. A partnership he formed that year lasted approximately one year. He married his wife Lucille in 1909 in Washington, D.C. and they had two sons, Donald Jr. and Philip. He moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1925 and lived there until his death on April 1, 2018.[9][10][e]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1920-1921

Educational & Professional Associations

n.d.: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. [9]

n.d.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology [9]

n.d.: Sorbonne, Paris [9]

1906: working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania[2]

1908-1909: junior draftsman, office of the Supervising Architect, U. S. Treasury, Washington, D.C.[7][b]

1910: working in Washington, D. C.[4]

1915: draftsman, George B. Prinz, Omaha, Nebraska.[c]

1920: architect, Bankers’ Realty Investment Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[6]

1920: opened independent practice in Omaha, Nebraska.[6]

1920-1921: architect and partner, Bollard & Webster, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[5][8][a][d]

1938: architect, Keene & Simpson, Architects, Kansas City, Missouri.[3]

1960: retired [9]

Buildings & Projects

“Music Room” project, 1906, Society of Beaux Arts Architects, Pittsburgh Architectural Club Exhibition.[2] “Grand Stairway in a Court House, ” Class B Project (Problem in Design), 1910, Society of Beaux Arts Architects, Sixteenth Annual Architectural Exhibition of the T-Square Club, Mention, D. C. Bollard, Washington Architectural Club, Washington, D. C.[4]

Visual Arts

R. J. Delano School, architectural drawing for Keene & Simpson, Architects, Kansas City, Missouri, 1938.[3]


a. Partner, James R. Webster.[5]

b. July 21, 1908-January 23, 1909.[7]

c. First directory listing in Omaha, Nebraska, 1915. No directories available 1915-1920.

d. “The architectural practice formerly carried on under the firm name of Bollard & Webster, 520 Paxton Building, Omaha, Neb., will be conducted in the future by James R. Webster at the same address.”[8]

e. Thanks to architectural historian Catherine Cramer of Tucson, Arizona for References [9]&[10]


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