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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966-1992


Dean Edwin Arter

The Dean E. Arter & Associates architectural firm was organized in 1966, when Dean Edwin Arter purchased the interests of his former partner in the Arter & Speece firm. The firm provided services in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Colorado until 1998, three years following the death of its founder. Arter & Associates designed private residences, public and elderly housing, churches, schools, and public buildings.[2]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1967-1969, 1970-1992

Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska, 1967-1970

Lineage of the Firm

1956-1966: Arter & Speece, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1966-1998: Dean E. Arter & Associates, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1967-1970: employed Thomas Eugene Backtold, designer.

Buildings & Projects

Clay Center Housing for the Elderly (1964), Clay Center, Nebraska.[6:30-31]

High Rise Apartment Building (1968), Auburn, Nebraska.[3]

Low-Rise Apartment Project (1969), Terrytown, Nebraska[3][b]

Church (before 1970), SE corner 48th & A, Lincoln, Nebraska.[DM]

Missouri Valley Low-rent Housing (1971), Missouri Valley, Iowa.[4]

Martin Luther Home Chapel & Retreat Center (1973), Beatrice, Nebraska.[6:38-39]


CenterStone (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][a]

Georgian Place (n. d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][a]

Lincoln Station (n. d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][a]

Commerce Court (n. d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][a]

Lincoln Square (n. d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][a]

Delta Epsilon (n.d.), UNL campus, Lincoln [5]


a. A certified historic rehabilitation project.

b. The firm was listed with offices in Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska, 1967-1970.


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