David Thomas Littrell (1945-2018), Architect

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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975-2016

David Thomas Litrell, n.d.
David Thomas Littrell was born on October 18, 1945 in Beatrice, Nebraska to William C. and Phyllis Jean (Thomas) Littrell. He worked for several Lincoln architectural firms before co-founding Geller Design, Inc., in 1979. He died on February 15, 2018 in Lincoln.[1]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-2007.

Educational & Professional Associations

1968: student, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1971: BArch, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

ca. 1967-ca. 1971: architect in training, Clark & Enersen Partners, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7:54][d]

1971-1975: architect in training, Bahr, Hanna & Vermeer, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska; and Haberlan Associate Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1].

1972: David T. Littrell Studio, 4934 Glade, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1975: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-1258; February 20, 1975.[2]

1976-2016: partner and co-founder (with David J. Meyer), Geller Design, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska (vice president to 1984, president from 1985).[1][4]

Buildings & Projects


York State Bank (early 1970s), York, Nebraska.[5]

Barrimore's Bar (early 1970s), backstage, off alley, Stuart Theatre, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][b]

National Bank of Commerce Branch Drive-In Bank (1975) 40th & Normal Blvd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][6:113][a]

Littrell home expansion (1979), 4934 Glade, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][5]

SandStone Building (2002), 3270 Folkways Blvd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Pathology Medical Services, remodel lab building (2006), 5440 South Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Pathology Medical Services Offices (2006), 5340 South Street and others, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]


Prairie Life Fitness Center, 1305 S 70th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Lincoln Orthopedic Center Building, 6900 A Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Prairie Dental Building, 6944 A Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Grandmother’s Restaurant (now Tanner’s), 6940 A Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][c]

Prairie Life Fitness Center, off 132nd & Center Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.[5]

Grandmother's Restaurant, off 132nd & Center Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.[5]

Dwelling house for John and Sonia Breslow, Firethorn Subdivision, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Dwelling house for John and Sonia Breslow, Scottsdale, Arizona.[5]

Dwelling house for John and Sonia Breslow, Montana.[5]

Novartus Plant, improvements, Highway 6, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]


a. This was Geller Design's first project; the building has since been remodeled.[5]

b. Design-build project by Littrell, Meyer, and Haberlan.[5]

c. The interior has since been remodeled.[5]

d. The Clark & Enersen history gives his start date as between 1967 and 1970; no end date is given.[7:54]


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