David John Meyer (1947-1984), Architect

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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-1984

David John Meyer was born on February 9, 1947 in Syracuse, Nebraska to Lorenz and Dorothy Meyer. [1][2] He graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School in 1964, and from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln College of Architecture in 1969. In 1976, he co-founded the firm Geller Design, Inc. with David Littrell, Architect. He was also the community adviser for the Lincoln Haymarket Development Committee. [1] David Meyer died on April 21, 1984. [1][2]

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Educational & Professional Associations

1964: Lincoln Southeast High School, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1969: University of Nebraska – Lincoln College of Architecture, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1976-1984: partner & co-founder (with David Littrell, Architect) Geller Design, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska. (president until 1984) [1]

ca. 1980s: community advisor, Lincoln Haymarket Development Committee, Lincoln, Nebraska. [1]

Buildings & Projects

Meyer House remodeling and extension (1981), 1717 Otoe Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][a]


a. Meyer acquired the property at 1717 Otoe in Lincoln in 1981. The prior improvement consisted of a very small house and a garage, both at the rear of the property, built in 1925-26. Both were issued permits as garages, but the application for the larger (18'x20') of the structures listed "living quarters" as the building's purpose. Presumably the original intention was to add a larger house to the north, but that was not accomplished until Meyer's acquisition and construction of 700 sq. ft. of additional living space in 1981.[3]


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