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Watertown and Syracuse, New York

Darrel Downing Rippeteau was born January 14, 1917 in Clay Center, Nebraska, to Claude Laverne and Eva Downing Rippeteau. He married Donna Doris Hiatt of Odell, Nebraska in 1939. Two years later, he received an Architecture degree from the University of Nebraska.[1]

Rippeteau was commissioned a second lieutenant and went on active duty in 1942. He taught artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was later the executive officer of the ghost armies unit of World War II at Pine Camp (Fort Drum) New York. Rippeteau was on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s staff at the Pentagon, and retired from the U. S. Army Reserves as a lieutenant colonel.[1]

After the war, Rippeteau devoted his life to architecture. In 1974, he was promoted to managing partner in the firm of Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley, Architects, and became a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects. He was locally known for his recruitment of graduates of the architecture program at Nebraska, and endowed three University of Nebraska-Lincoln scholarships emphasizing business practices.[1] He was a member of the New York State Council on Architecture and the Professional Advisory Council of the University of Nebraska College of Architecture, Area of Excellence Program, established in 1975.[2] He died at his home in Delray Beach, Florida on February 8, 2016.[1]

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Educational & Professional Associations

1941: Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1974: managing partner, Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw & Folley, Architects, Syracuse, New York.[1]


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