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Omaha, Nebraska, 1946; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Lodi, California

Dana Dodge Corrough was born in Pasadena, California on April 24, 1903. He received a degree from Grinnell College in Iowa in 1924, continuing his education at the University of the Pacific, receiving his Master’s Degree in 1953. Corrough also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1930-1931, before serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy from 1942-1945.[1] He registered to practice architecture in Nebraska in 1946, and was listed in Omaha that year, but there are currently no attributions to buildings in Nebraska.[2]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1946

Educational & Professional Associations

1924: Bachelor of Architecture, Grinnell College, Iowa.[1]

1926-1927: student, University of Hawaii.[1]

1927-1930: student, Armour Institute.[1]

1930-1931: student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

1937-1945: principle, Flinn & Corrough.[1]

1942-1945: Lieutenant, U. S. Navy.[1]

1946: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-174; July 12, 1946.[2]

1946: architect, Omaha, Nebraska.

1949-1955: principle, Schmidts, Hardman & Corrough.[1]

1955-____: Dana D. Corrough, Lodi, California.[1]

Buildings & Projects

Court House (1938), Waukegan, Hawaii.[1]

S.H.C; Lincoln School (1952), San Joaquin County, California.[1]

Village Oaks School (1954), San Joaquin County, California.[1]

Ripon School (1955), Ripon, California.[1]

Colonial Heights School (1955), San Joaquin County, California.[1]

T.C. Knoles School, (1959).[1]

J.R. Williams School (1959).[1]

Lincoln High School (1960), Stockton, California.[1]



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