Christian Baysel (1857-1911), Civil Engineer

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Casper, Wyoming; Omaha, Nebraska, 1892-1911

Born in Germany in December, 1857, Christian Baysel was a civil engineer employed in Omaha, Nebraska, where he lived with his spouse, Mary, and their two children.[3] When not living in Omaha, he was a miner, surveyor, and engineer in Casper, Wyoming. He was not listed in Omaha directories in 1892, but is credited by building permit as the architect for a house dating to that year. He listed himself as an architect and civil engineer from 1893 until 1896, but thereafter reported engineering as his occupation. For one year, 1911, he was an inspector for the City Engineer’s office. Christian Baysel died in Omaha on October 20, 1911.[10]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

1887: Dodge County Democratic candidate for surveyor, Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska.[4]

1893: architect and civil engineer, Omaha, Nebraska.

1896: architect, Omaha, Nebraska.

1897: miner, Casper, Wyoming.[8]

1898-1910: civil engineer, Omaha, Nebraska.

1908: miner, Casper, Wyoming.[9]

1911: inspector, City Engineer, Omaha, Nebraska.

1912: no listing; Mary is listed as the widow of Chris Baysel, Omaha, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

D. V. Fisher house (1887), Fremont, Nebraska.[13][a]

Two story business building for Chas. Balduff (1887), Fremont, Nebraska.[14]

Christina Ratke house (1892), 2546 Rees, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2] (DO09:0205-046)

Hydraulic Water System for B.B. Brooks on V-V Ranch (1898), Casper, Wyoming.[5]

Country Home for B.B. Brooks (1898), Casper, Wyoming.[6][7]

First School (n.d.), Casper, Wyoming.[11]

First Town Hall (n.d.), Casper, Wyoming.[12]


a. The Fremont Tribune published a notice in 1887: "Bids will be receivd at my office until Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, for the erection of a residence for D. V. Fisher. Plans for which may be seen at my office....Christ Baysel, Architect."[13]


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