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Omaha, Nebraska, 1914-1958
Charles Steinbaugh, ca. 1938.

Charles W. Steinbaugh was born July 29, 1877, in Illinois. He worked as an architect in Omaha, at times working for the government. He first was an architect in Illinois and Iowa; he was given his Certificate of the Iowa Examining Board due solely to his professional record and the Illinois certificate which enabled it. Steinbaugh was married to Ethel, and he had two children. In 1934, he worked on the Historic American Buildings Survey, supervising the Nebraska crew. He was also the designer and delineator of the Nebraska State Board of Architects Certificate. Steinbaugh died September 1958.[3][4][5]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1914-1949, 1950-1958

Educational & Professional Associations

1884-1895: School, Decatur, Illinois.[4]

1895: study architecture, Humprey, Bainum & Brooks, Illinois.[4]

1896: junior draftsman, George P. Staudahar, Rock Island, Illinois.[4]

1897: junior draftsman, Haam Jansen, Davenport, Illinois and R.O. Rosen, Decatur, Illinois.[4]

1898: assistant superintendent and estimator, Large planning mill.[4]

1899: general draftsman, J.L. Rice, Clinton, Iowa.[4]

1900: designing, rendering, and detailing, J.M. Deal, Lincoln, Illinois.[4]

1901-1902: squad foreman, Patton & Miller, Chicago, Illinois.[4]

1903: general draftsman, D.H. Burnham & Company, Chicago, Illinois

1904: passed Illinois Examining Board, Certified for Registration.[4]

1905: office foreman, draftsman, detailer, Smith, Wetherell and Gage, Des Moines, Iowa.[4]

1906-1909: job and squad foreman, Thomas R. Kimball, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1910-1911: building construction firm, “…losing my shirt and spending next 15 years paying up losses and defalcations of a bad partner.”[4]

1912-1914: in charge of office, designing, rendering, head draftsman, supervisor, J. Jeffery, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1915-19__: principal architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1929-1942: architect, 662-846 Brandeis Theater Bldg, Omaha, Nebraska.

1937-1959: Architect member State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Architects.

1938: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, 1938, B-4.[3][a]

No 1943-1944 directories.

1945-1957: architect., Omaha, Nebraska.

1958-1959: not listed, Omaha, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

Building (1915), 2572 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0209-038)

Train School (1917), 1615 S 6th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1:41][b]

Garage (1919), 2584 Harney St., Omaha, Nebraska. (DO09:0209-035)

Packard-Omaha Company Building (1919), 407 S. 27th Ave. Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0209- 047)

Commercial Building (1922), 1809 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0126-019)

Washington Elementary School (1926), 5519 Mayberry St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0428-001)

Dundee Presbyterian Church (1927), 5312 Underwood Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[1:174][2] (DO09:0436-001)

Walnut Hill School (1936), Omaha, Nebraska.[6][c]


a. Registered Professional Architects on Board of Examiners were given number with “B” prefix.[3]

b. Transcribed as O. Steinbaugh.[1:41] The Business Sections of the Omaha City Directory gives the dates, 1914-1945.[6]

c. Walnut Hill Elementary in NeHBS and Omaha Architects database in association with Norman R. Brigham.


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