Charles Henry Sailor (1864-1944), Carpenter

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Gordon, Nebraska, 1885-1930s

DBA: Chaz H. Sailor; Charley H. Sailor; C. H. Sailor

Charles Henry Sailor was born in in 1864 in La Harpe, Illinois, the son of Caroline Reynolds and Richard Sailor.[5] In October 1885, he married Lydia Almina Wyman, and they had five kids, Ralph, Ray, Hallie, Chester, and Dwight. That same year, the family built and settled in a sod house 14 miles south of the Niobrara river near Gordon, Nebraska.[7] In 1889, Sailor built a new home in the town of Gordon for the family to move into. He has been referred to as one of two notable architects in Sheridan County at this time.[1] He has also been remembered in the area as the designer of a majority of the older business buildings in Gordon, and the contractor for many as well. [1][7]] Sailor often worked with his brother Frank, who worked as a mason. He later opened a hardware store with his son Ralph as a partner. Sailor was very active in the community of Gordon; he was the President of the Fair Board in Gordon for 13 years, he was the City Clerk and on the City Council for many years, and was on the school board for 17 years. [7] Sailor died in 1944. [4][5]

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Educational & Professional Associations

1910: Retail Merchant, Sheridan County, Nebraska. [2]

1930: Carpenter, Maple St., Gordon, Nebraska. [3]

Buildings & Projects

Sailor Sod Home (1885), 14 miles south of Niobrara River, near Gordon, Nebraska. [7]

Sailor Home (1889), Gordon, Nebraska. [7]

Methodist Church (n.d.), Gordon, Nebraska.[7:560]

Remodel, Presbyterian Church (n.d.), Gordon, Nebraska.[7:560]


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