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Seip, David L., Architect; SEE [[David L. Seip, Architect]], Omaha, Nebraska,1984 -2000-2008
Seip, David L., Architect; SEE [[David L. Seip, Architect]], Omaha, Nebraska,1984 -2000-2008
[[Sessinghaus & Teig Associates, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, ____-1961
[[Sessinghaus & Teig Associates, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1961.
Sessinghaus, Edward J., Architect; SEE [[Edward J. Sessinghaus (1892-1981), Architect]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1926-1976
Sessinghaus, Edward J., Architect; SEE [[Edward J. Sessinghaus (1892-1981), Architect]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1920-1977. SEE ALSO: [[Leighton & Sessinghaus, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1956.
Sessinghaus, E. J., & Associated Designers, Architects; SEE [[E. J. Sessinghaus & Associated Designers, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1956
Sessinghaus, Edward J., & Associates, Architects; SEE [[Edward J. Sessinghaus & Associates, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1961.
Sessinghaus, Edward J., & Associates, Architects; SEE [[Edward J. Sessinghaus & Associates, Architects]], Omaha, Nebraska, 1955-1956
Shaffer, George W., Architect; SEE [[George W. Shaffer (1840-1917), Architect]], Lincoln, Nebraska, 1892-1907
Shaffer, George W., Architect; SEE [[George W. Shaffer (1840-1917), Architect]], Lincoln, Nebraska, 1892-1907

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This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Note that links in boldface type represent architect and firm pages that are either more complete or are particularly well-developed. Links that are in red font are not live and represent pages that are still in queue. These pages may also have been deferred for lack of information or because the practitioner has more recently entered the scene. This index nonetheless provides a comprehensive list of those who practiced in Nebraska from 1854-2000. Files are kept for each.

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Sage, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry Sage, Architect, North Auburn (__), Nebraska, 1884-1885

Salisbury, Allen Booth, Jr. Architect; SEE Allen Booth Salisbury (1927-1999), Architect, Sioux City, Iowa, 1957-1960

Salmon, B. W., Architect; SEE Bert W. Salmon (ca. 1871-____), Architect, Edgar, Nebraska, 1911

Salmon, Joseph W., Architect; SEE Joseph W. Salmon (1880-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1914-1921

Sampson, Warren L., Architect; SEE Warren L. Sampson, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Sandham, Josiah Dow, Architect; SEE Josiah Dow Sandham (1880-1969), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1905-1962

Sanford, Mark N., Architect; SEE Mark N. Sanford, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1990-2000+

Saniuk, Joseph F., Architect; SEE Joseph F. Saniuk, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1985-2000+

Sather, Frederick Inwald, Architect; SEE Frederick Inwald “Fritz” Sather (1909-1986), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1951-1976

Savage, John Schofield, Architect; SEE John Schofield “Jack” Savage (1931-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1960-1976

Sayler, Stephen G., Architect; SEE Stephen G. Sayler, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-1976, 2000

Schaeffer, C. E., Architect; See C. E. Schaeffer (1886-1912), Architect, North Platte, Nebraska, 1911

Schaumberg & Freeman, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska

Schaumberg, Edward G., Architect; SEE Edward G. Schaumberg (1891-1975), Architect, Lincoln,1938-1971, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1944-1949

Schlaebitz, William Donald, Architect; SEE William Donald Schlaebitz (1924-2011), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1954-1987

Schleining, Donald J., JR., Architect; SEE Donald J. Schleining, Jr., Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000+

Schleiger, Richard R., Architect; SEE Richard R. Schleiger, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1955-1976

Schlichenmaier, Danny G., Architect; SEE Danny G. Schlichenmaier, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2011

Schlichtig, Franz Joseph, Stone Carver; SEE Franz Joseph Schlichtig (1878-____), Stone Carver

Schluntz, Roger L., Architect; SEE Roger L. Schluntz, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974-1976, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000, Washington DC

Schmidt, Herman, Jr., Architect; SEE Herman Schmidt, Jr., Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1970-1976

Schnacke, _____, see Vandoren-Hazard, Stallings-Schnacke, Lincoln, Nebraska

Schoenleber, Robert A., Architect; See Robert Alan Schoenieber, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000+

Scholer, _____, see Steinbaugh & Scholer

Scholz, Gordon P., Architect; SEE Gordon P. Scholz, Architect, Omaha, 1973-1976; and Lincoln, Nebraska, -2008

Schreiber, Ernest F., Architect; SEE Ernest Frederick Schreiber (ca. 1890-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1923-1962

Schreier, Emil Paul, Architect; SEE Emil Paul Schreier (1891-1941), Architect, Verdigre, 1917-1941, and Grant, Nebraska, 1938

Schriever, Lee I., Architect; SEE Lee I. Schriever, Architect, Omaha, 1974-1975, and Panama, Nebraska, 1976, 2000-2008

Schutte, Roger L., & Associates, Architects; SEE Roger L. Schutte & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska

Schutte, Roger Lee, Architect; SEE Roger Lee Schutte (1933-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1958-1976

Schwagerl, E., Architect; SEE E. Schwagerl, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1868-1869

Schwartz, Josef, Architect; SEE Josef Schwartz, Architect

Schwieger, Dennis D., Architect; SEE Dennis D. Schwieger (1944-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976, 2000-2008

Schwinck, Louis C., Architect; SEE Louis C. Schwinck (1887-1967), Architect, Stanton, Nebraska, 1941-1945

Scott, _____, see Boyer, Biskup, Bonge, Noll & Scott, Associates, Norfolk, Nebraska

Scott & Hill, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1914-1917

Scott & Hill Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1917

Scott, J. H., Architect; SEE James H. Scott (ca. 1860-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1879-1882

Scott, Paul C., Architect; SEE Paul C. Scott, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-1969

Scudder, David C., Architect; SEE David C. Scudder, Architect, Columbus, Nebraska, -2000+

Seale, Charles G., Architect; SEE Charles G. Seale (1923-1980), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1954-1976

Seals, Wesley E., Architect; SEE Wesley E. Seals, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, -2000+

Searles, Hirsh & Gavin, Architects, Cleveland, Ohio

Sedlacek, Josef, Mason and Stone-Cutter; SEE Josef Sedlacek, Mason and Stone-Cutter, Crete, Nebraska, 1891

Seeley & Son Company, Architects, Fremont, Nebraska, 1888-1893

Seidel, Susan L., Architect; SEE Susan L. Seidel, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1989-2000-2008

Seip, David L., Architect; SEE David L. Seip, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska,1984 -2000-2008

Sessinghaus & Teig Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1961.

Sessinghaus, Edward J., Architect; SEE Edward J. Sessinghaus (1892-1981), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1920-1977. SEE ALSO: Leighton & Sessinghaus, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956.

Sessinghaus, Edward J., & Associates, Architects; SEE Edward J. Sessinghaus & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1961.

Shaffer, George W., Architect; SEE George W. Shaffer (1840-1917), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1892-1907

Shanahan, Michael J., Architect; SEE Michael J. Shanahan, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000-2008

Shapland, Douglas A., Architect; SEE Douglas A. Shapland, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1976-2000-2008-

Shattuck, Gordon, Architect; SEE Gordon Shattuck (1901-1989), Architect, Hastings, Grand Island, 1929-1941, 1945-1957, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1943-1944

Shaver & Company, Architects; SEE John Alden Shaver (1918-2010), Architect, Salina, Kansas, 1961-ca. 1973.

Shaver & Shaver, Architects; SEE Charles William Shaver (1890-1961), Architect, Salina, Kansas, ca. 1947-1961. SEE ALSO John Alden Shaver (1918-2010), Architect.

Shaver, Charles William, Architect; SEE Charles William Shaver (1890-1961), Architect, Salina, Kansas, 1915-1961.

Shaver, John A., Architect; SEE John Alden Shaver (1918-2010), Architect, Salina, Kansas, 1945-2008.

Shaver Partnership, The; SEE John Alden Shaver (1918-2010), Architect, Salina, Kansas, ca. 1973-2008.

Sheldon, Carroll, Architect; SEE Carroll Sheldon, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1964-1999-___

Shepard, G., Architect; SEE G. Shepard, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska,

Sherman, N. A., Architect; SEE Nathan Albert Sherman (ca. 1842-____), Architect, York, Nebraska, 1886-1889

Shields, Alexander, Architect; SEE Alexander Shields (1851-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1894-1915-____

Shields, L. L., Architect; SEE L. L. Shields, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1929-1930

Shipley, O.A., Builder-Architect?; SEE O.A. Shipley, Builder-Architect?

Shrum, O., Architect; SEE O. Shrum, Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska

Shrum, Robert L., Architect; SEE Robert L. Shrum, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1945-1968

Shull, Barry A., Architect; SEE Barry A. Shull, Architect, Raymond, Nebraska, -2000-2008-

Siegel, Robert, Architect; SEE Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, New York, New York, 1968-

Sievers, Heinz W., Architect; SEE Heinz Werner Sievers, Architect, Ralston, Nebraska, 1965-2000

Silver, Robert D., Architect; SEE Robert D. Silver (ca. 1843-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1894-1915

Simard, Gaudias, Architect; SEE Gaudias Simard (1860-1936), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1923

Simmons, _____, see Kenney, Simmons & Burrell, Omaha, Nebraska

Simmons, A.T. Architect; SEE A.T. Simmons, Architect, Bloomington, Illinois

Simmons, Frank Martin. Architect; SEE Frank Martin Simmons (1910-1968), Architect, Omaha, 1938-1940, 1964-1969, and Lincoln, Nebraska, 1941-1942

Simmonds, Darrel W., & Associates, Architects; SEE Darrel W. Simmonds & Associates, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Simodynes, Richard J., Architect; SEE Richard J. Simodynes, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-2000+

Simon, Louis Adolphe, Architect; SEE Louis Adolphe Simon (1867-1958), Architect, Washington D.C.

Simpson, E. J., & Associated Architects, Inc.; SEE E. J. Simpson & Associated Architects, Inc., Norfolk, Nebraska, 1968-1975

Simpson, Everett J., Architect; SEE Everett J. Simpson (1922-2008), Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1963-1976

Simpson-Strong Architects, Inc., Norfolk, Nebraska, 1964-1967

Sinclair, John E., Architect; SEE John E. Sinclair, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975-2008

Sinclair Hille & Associates, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981-2003

Sinclair, Robert Elwyn, Architect; SEE Robert Elwyn Sinclair (1914-____), Architect, Columbus, Nebraska, 1965-1972

Sindelar, Thomas D., Architect; SEE Thomas D. Sindelar, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1972-1976, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, -2000-2008-

Sinovic, John F., Architect; SEE John F. Sinovic, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -1948-2008-

Sirk, Illar, Architect; SEE Illar Sirk, Architect, Omaha, 1955-1972, and Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2008-

Sisley, William C., Architect-Builder; SEE William C. Sisley (1850-1932), Architect-Builder, Battle Creek, Michigan, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1890-1892

Sjogren, Mark E., Architect; SEE Mark E. Sjogren, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1976-2000-

Skaret, Carl Herman, Architect; SEE Carl Herman Skaret (1909-ca. 2005), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1944-1948.

Skeels, Keith M., Architect; SEE Keith Maurice Skeels, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1949-2000

Skog, Jeffery A., Architect; SEE Jeffery A. Skog, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000-2003

Skoog, Ronald E., Architect; SEE Ronald E. Skoog, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2006+

Skranka, Josef, Mason; SEE Josef Skranka (1860-____), Mason, Midland Precinct, Nebraska.

Slack, John B., Architect; SEE John B. Slack (1915-1998), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Slavik, Frantisek, Carpenter; SEE Frantisek Slavik (1854-____), Carpenter, Brainard, Nebraska, 1892.

Sloan, Leonard F., Architect; SEE Leonard F. Sloan, (ca. 1910-1994) Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1976

Smay, Joe Edgar, Architect; SEE Joseph Edgar Smay (1898-1974), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1924-1925, Norman, Oklahoma.

Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, Architects, Detroit, Michigan.

Smith & Ledebrink, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska

Smith & Lederbrink, Omaha, Nebraska; SEE Smith & Ledebrink, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

Smith & Tyler, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1880-1883.

Smith, Arthur O., III, Architect; SEE Arthur O. Smith III, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1979-2000-2008

Smith, B. B., Architect; SEE B. B. Smith, Architect, Harrison, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Smith, Donald L., Architect; SEE Donald L. Smith, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1976

Smith, Earl E., Architect; SEE Earl Edward Smith, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968

Smith, Fred R., Architect; SEE Fred R. Smith (1848-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1888-1896

Smith, G. A. C., Architect; SEE G. A. C. Smith (1836-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1878-

Smith, Gregory T., Architect; SEE Gregory T. Smith, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2008

Smith, James R., Architect; SEE James R. Smith, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2008

Smith, John R., Architect; SEE John R. Smith (1870-1958), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1909-1935

Smith, J. R., & Son, Architects; SEE John R. Smith & Son, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1922-1934

Smith, Larry D., Architect; SEE Larry D. Smith, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000+

Smith, Linus Burr, Architect; SEE Linus Burr Smith (1899-1982), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1938-1976, Kansas

Smith, Sidney, FAIA, Architect; SEE Sydney Smith (1845-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1879-1892

Smith, Sidney, Architect & Surveyor; SEE Sidney Smith (1836-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1886-1893

Smith, Stephen R., Architect; SEE Stephen R. Smith, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000-2008

Snyder, Vincent, Architect; SEE Vincent Snyder, Architect, Austin, Texas

Sobotka, Vladimir, Architect and Builder; SEE Vladimir Sobotka (1895-1990), Architect and Builder, Bee, Dwight, and Lincoln, Nebraska

Solheim, Selmer Alfred, Architect; SEE Selmer Alfred Solheim (1912-1979), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1939-1976

Solheim, Selmer A., & Associates, Architects; SEE Selmer A. Solheim & Associates, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-1975

Solheim & Treadway, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1951

Somers, A. J., Architect; SEE A. J. Somers, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1888-1893

Sorensen, Kenneth A., Architect; SEE Kenneth A. Sorensen, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1984-2000-2008

Sotham (Sothman?), Paul, Architect; SEE Paul Sothman (ca. 1883-____), Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1908-1941

Souba, Josef, Carpenter; SEE Josef Souba, Carpenter, Knox County, Nebraska, 1892

Sova, John A., Architect; SEE John A. Sova, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1976-2000-2008

Sowers, L. E., Architect; SEE L. E. Sowers (ca. 1866-____), Architect, Columbus, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Speece, _____, see Arter & Speece, Lincoln, Nebraska

Speice, C.A., Architect; SEE C.A. Speice, Architect

Spencer, F. W., Architect; SEE F. W. Spencer, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1892

Spencer, N. S., Architect; SEE N. S. Spencer, Architect, Beatrice, Nebraska, 1884-1888

Spiry, Daniel A., Architect; SEE Daniel A. Spiry, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2008

Spring & Hunter, Architects & Builders, Florence, Nebraska, 1857

Spring, Gary A., Architect; SEE Gary A. Spring, Architect, Elkhorn, Nebraska, -2000

Stacy Richard J., Architect; SEE Richard J. Stacy, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1964-2008

Stadler, Kenneth G., Architect; SEE Kenneth G. Stadler, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1972-1976, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2000-2008

Stalder, Iris Wirsell, Architect; SEE Iris Wirsell Stalder (1923-1996), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1955-1976

Staley, O. N., Architect; SEE Oran N. Staley (1850-1937), Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1907-1909

Stallings, _____, see Vandoren-Hazard, Stallings-Schnacke, Lincoln, Nebraska

Stanage, Joseph Lyburn, Architect; SEE Joseph Lyburn Stanage (1905-1965), Architect, Omaha, 1953, 1956-1964; and Grand Island, Nebraska, 1954-1955

Stange, James H., Architect; SEE James H. Stange (1930-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1959-2003

Stange, Wade W., Architect; SEE Wade W. Stange, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1985-2008

Stangel, Carl P., Architect; SEE Carl P. Stangel, (ca. 1891-1980) Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1972

Stanley, Thomas, & Associates, Architects; SEE Thomas Stanley & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1970

Stanton, John F., Architect; SEE John F. Stanton, Architect, Topeka, Kansas

Stanwood, J. H., Carpenter-Architect; SEE James H. Stanwood (1854-____), Carpenter-Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1906-1915

Starr, Wilbur Dupas, Architect; SEE Wilbur Dupas Starr (1927-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1962-1964

Station 19 Architects, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Staub, C. Leo, Architect; SEE C. Leo Staub, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Staudinger, Earl, Architect; SEE Earl Staudinger (1889–1982), Architect, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1917

Steel, Willis L., Architect; SEE Willis L. Steel, Architect, North Platte, Nebraska, 1967-1968

Steele & Associates, Inc., Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1970-1971

Steele Sandham & Daxon, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska, 1947-1952

Steele, Sandham & Steele, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1946-1956

Steele, Sandham & Weinstein Co., Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1963

Steele, Weinstein & Associates, Inc., Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1964-1969

Steele, William Labarthe, Jr., Architect; SEE William LaBarthe Steele, Jr. (1907-1980), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1938-1974

Steele, William La Barthe, Architect; SEE William La Barthe Steele (1875-1949), Architect, Sioux City, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1938-1948

Steffen, W. A., Architect; SEE W. A. Steffen, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1914-1916

Steinbaugh & Scholer, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1918

Steinbaugh, Charles W., Architect; SEE Charles W. Steinbaugh (1877-1958), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1914-1958

Steinbaugh, J. W., Architect; SEE J. W. Steinbaugh, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1926

Stephens, Claude Morrison, Architect; SEE Claude Morrison Stephens (1915-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968, San Francisco, California

Stern, Robert A.M., Architect; SEE Robert A.M. Stern, Architect, New York City, New York

Sternfeld, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry (Harry) Sternfeld (1888-ca. 1977), Architect, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

H. T. Stevens Co., Architects

Steward, W. Cecil, Architect; SEE Weldon Cecil Steward, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, Texas

Stewart, John M., Architect; SEE John M. Stewart, Architect, LaVista, and Omaha, Nebraska

Stice, John A., Architect; SEE John A. Stice (1864-1971), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1949-1976

Stippich, Glen Robert, Architect; SEE Glen Robert Stippich (1924-2011), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1957-1976

Stirtz, David B., Architect; SEE David B. Stirtz, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Stitt, James C., Architect; SEE James C. Stitt (1866-1949), Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1884-1948

Stober, Scott A., Architect; SEE Scott A. Stober, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1990-2000-2008

Stockham & Baker, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1917-1923

Stockham, William E., Architect; SEE William E. Stockham (1868-1940), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1907-1940

Stoddard, J. F., Architect; SEE John F. Stoddard (ca. 1876-____), Architect, York, Nebraska, 1911

Stoffel, Clarence Milton, Architect; SEE Clarence Milton Stoffel (1893-1965), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1976

Stokes, Brian E., Architect; SEE Brian E. Stokes, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Stone, Edward Durell, Architect; SEE Edward Durel Stone (1902-1978), Architect, New York, New York, 1929-1978

Stott, Frederick S., Architect; SEE Frederick S. Stott (1889-1968), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1920-1929, Pasadena, California, 1938, and San Francisco, California, 1939

Stowe, Gary L., Architect; SEE Gary L. Stowe, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1967-1976, Phoenix, Arizona, 2008

Stramel, Randy G., Architect; SEE Randy G. Stramel, Architect, Lincoln, and McCook, Nebraska

Strasheim, Del R., Architect; SEE Delbert Ray Strasheim, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Streich, Kenneth H., Architect; SEE Kenneth Herman Streich, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1967-1968, Iowa

Strong, Howard John, Architect; SEE Howard John Strong (1920-1997), Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1952-1967

Strong, Howard J., Associates, Architects; SEE Howard J. Strong Associates, Architects, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1954-1963

Strottman, Robert Edward, Architect; SEE Robert Edward Strottman (1932-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-1976

Suchy, Karel, Mason; SEE Karel Suchy, Mason, Brainard, Nebraska, 1892

Suhr, Kurtis A., Architect; SEE Kurtis A. Suhr, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Sullivan, Scott D., Architect; SEE Scott D. Sullivan, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Svatora, Leroy P., Architect; SEE Leroy P. Svatora, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Svatos, Jan, Mason; SEE Jan Svatos, Mason, Milligan, Nebraska

Swaney, Jack W., Architect; SEE Jack Windsor Swaney, Architect, Bellevue, Nebraska, 1976

Swartz, Douglas A., Architect; SEE Douglas A. Swartz, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Sweet, Charles A., Architect; SEE Charles A. Sweet, Architect, Beatrice, Nebraska, 1886-1888

Swinarski, Ralph A., Architect; SEE Ralph A. Swinarski, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska 1990 - ____

Switzer, Jerry W., Architect; SEE Jerry W. Switzer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, and Williston, Vermont

Sype, William Emerson, Architect; SEE William Emerson Sype (1901-1968), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1956

Syverson, Paul K., Architect; SEE Paul K. Syverson, Architect, Elkhorn, Nebraska, and Fort Collins, Colorado

Szmrecsanyi, Charles D., Architect; SEE Charles D. Szmrecsanyi, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1964-2000

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