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This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Note that links in boldface type represent architect and firm pages that are either more complete or are particularly well-developed. Links that are in red font are not live and represent pages that are still in queue. These pages may also have been deferred for lack of information or because the practitioner has more recently entered the scene. This index nonetheless provides a comprehensive list of those who practiced in Nebraska from 1854-2000. Files are kept for each.

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Kahn, Albert, Architect; SEE Albert Kahn (1869-1942), Architect, Detroit, Michigan; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1904-1922

Kalamaja, Theodore J., Architect; SEE Theodore J. Kalamaja (1907-1989), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1937-1973

Kalvelage, Frederick H., Jr., Architect; SEE Frederick Henry Kalvelage, Jr., Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Kammerer, Daniel J., Architect; SEE Daniel J. Kammerer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1983-2000

Kammerer, Francis X., Architect; SEE Francis X. Kammerer (1929-1988), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1959-1976

Kasik, Frantisek, Mason; SEE Frantisek Kasik, Mason, Nimberk, Nebraska, 1892

Kasl, Julie D., Architect; SEE Julie D. Kasl, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1999-2000

Kaspar, J. J., Architect; SEE J. J. Kaspar, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1909-1915

Kaspar, Thomas Lee, Architect; SEE Thomas Lee Kaspar (1951-2017), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1985-2011

Kasserman, S. D., Carpenter, Joiner, and Architect; SEE [[S. D. Kasserman, Carpenter, Joiner, and Architect]], Florence, Nebraska

Kastrup Gary L., Sr., Architect; SEE Gary L. Kasterup, Sr., Architect, Lincoln, 1968; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1957-2000

Kauhn, J. J., Architect; SEE J. J. Kauhn, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1886-1887

Kaul, C.F., Architect; SEE Charles F. Kaul (1847-____), Architect

Keeler, Warren, & Associates, Architects; SEE Warren Keeler & Associates, Architects, Sarpy County, Nebraska, 1971-1975

Keeler, Warren Watson, Architect; SEE Warren Watson Keeler (1923-____), Architect, Omaha, 1963-1968; and Bellevue, Nebraska, 1955-1988

Keiter, Daniel C., Architect; SEE Daniel C. Keiter, Architect, Columbus, Nebraska, -2000

Kejch, Josef, Architect-Builder; SEE Josef Kejch, Architect-Builder, Clarkson, Nebraska, 1894

Keller, Bruce A., Architect; SEE Bruce A. Keller, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1979-2000

Kelley, Robert R., Architect; SEE Robert R. Kelley, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-2000

Kelly, Kim M., Architect; SEE Kim M. Kelly, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2000

Kelly, Paul J., Architect; SEE Paul J. Kelly, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1985-2000

Kelly, S. D., Architect; SEE S. D. Kelly, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1910-1911

Kelsey, Albert; SEE Albert Kelsey (1870-1950), Architect

Kennedy, Michael J., Architect; SEE Michael J. Kennedy, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1981-1988

Kenney, Simmons & Burrell, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1887

Kensinger, Ed, Architect; SEE Ed Kensinger, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1929-1937

Keogh, Thomas R., Architect; SEE Thomas Rogers Keogh, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1976; and Lincoln, -2000

Kernan, W. V., Architect; SEE W. V. Kernan, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1908-1916, 1921

Kholousi, Farzan, Architect; SEE Farzan Kholousi, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1995-2000

Kiel, Cheryl L., Architect; SEE Cheryl L. Kiel, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Kiewit, John, Architect; SEE John Kiewit (1866-1952), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1896-1925

Kiewit, John, Jr., Architect; SEE John Kiewit, Jr. (ca. 1899-____), Architect, South Omaha, Nebraska, 1902-1915

Killian, George E., Architect; SEE George E. Killian, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1982-2000

Kimball, George W., Architect; SEE George William Kimball (1890-1958), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Kimball, Thomas Rogers, Architect; SEE Thomas Rogers Kimball (1862-1934), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1900-1929

Kimball, Steele & Sandham, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1928-1945

Kimmons, Paul R., Architect; SEE Paul R. Kimmons, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-2000

King, Orlando J., Architect; SEE Orlando J. King (1841-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1888-1892

Kinsman, S. R., Architect; SEE S. R. Kinsman, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1885

Kirchhoff, C., Architect; SEE Chas Kirchhoff, Jr. (1856-____), Architect

Kirchner, Raymond F., Architect; SEE Raymond F. Kirchner, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1951-1976

Kirchner, Scott C., Architect; SEE Scott C. Kirchner, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Kirk, Wayne A., Architect; SEE Wayne A. Kirk, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Kirkendall, Robert J., Architect; SEE Robert James Kirkendall, Architect, Kearney, 1965, 1975; Grand Island, 1968; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-1974

Kirkham, Michael & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1963-1976

Kirschke & Baker, Architects, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1924-1925

Kirschke & Crocker, Architects, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1921-1922

Kirschke, Oscar R., Architect; SEE Oscar Reinholdt Kirschke (1879-1962), Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1906-1937

Kirschke, Otto, Architect; SEE Reinholdt Otto Kirschke (1850-1937), Contractor & Builder, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1903-1918

Kirschke, Reinholdt Otto, Contractor & Builder; SEE Reinholdt Otto Kirschke (1850-1937), Contractor & Builder, Grand Island, Nebraska 1903-1918

Kirschner, C. F., Architect; SEE Cyril Farnham Kirschner, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1943-1944

Kissler, Bradley C., Architect; SEE Bradley C. Kissler, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1989-2000

Kitzmiller, S., Architect; SEE S. Kitzmiller, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1982-1985

Kivett, Clarence, Architect; SEE Clarence Kivett (1905-1996), Architect, Kansas City, Missouri

Kivett & Meyers, Architects, SEE Clarence Kivett (1905-1996), Architect, Kansas City, Kansas

Klawon, Dennis A., Architect; SEE Dennis A. Klawon, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1972-2000

Klein, Gerold Dale, Architect; SEE Gerold Dale Klein, Architect, Lincoln, 1967; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-2000

Klein, Steven L., Architect; SEE Steven L. Klein, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1982-2000

Klingerman, C., Architect; SEE C. Klingerman, Architect, Edgar, Nebraska, 1886-1887

Klone, A. Daryl, Architect; SEE A. Daryl Klone, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-1983

Knutson, Stuart P., Architect; SEE Stuart P. Knutson (1916-1986), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1934-1964

Knutson-Smith, Angela C., Architect; SEE Angela C. Knutson-Smith, Architect, Bennington, Nebraska, 2000

Koch, Herman, Architect; SEE Herman A. Koch (1857-____), Architect, Millard, Nebraska, 1913-1917

Koch, Homer, Builder; SEE Homer Koch (1890-1873), Builder, Arnold, Nebraska, 1908-1970

Korff, Donald Henry, Architect; SEE Donald Henry Korff (1925-2009), Architect, Hebron, 1955; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-2000

Ksoki, Jeffrey A., Architect; SEE Jeffrey A. Koski, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000+

Kostos, Nick, Architect; SEE Nick Kostos (_____-2005), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1946-1976; and Blair, Nebraska, -2000

Kotlik, Jerry H., Architect; SEE Jerry H. Kotlik, Architect, Bellevue, Nebraska, 1983-2000

Kouhn, J. J. , Architect; SEE J. J. Kouhn, Architect, York, Nebraska

Kovarik, Vaclav, Carpenter; SEE Vaclav Kovarik, Carpenter, Weston, Nebraska, 1893

Koza, Robert E., Architect; SEE Robert E. Koza, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Krajewski, I. C. Architect; SEE I. C. Krajewski, Architect, Dubuque, Iowa

Krausch, W. T., Architect; SEE W. T. Krausch, Architect

Krausch, W. T., Architect; SEE Walter Theodore Krausch (1867-1930), Architect & Engineer, Chicago, Illinois, 1890s-1930

Kraykiewicz, Paul, Architect; SEE Paul Kraykiewicz, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1967

Krejci, Lori M., Architect; SEE Lori M. Krejci, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1985-2000

Krelle, F. W., Architect; SEE F. William Krelle (1876-1927), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1896-1918

Kreski, Joseph F., Architect; SEE Joseph F. Kreski, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1979-2000

Krhounek, Roger K., Architect; SEE Roger K. Krhounek, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1961-1968, -2000

Krieger, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry Krieger, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1936-1941

Krieger, James A., Architect; SEE James A. Krieger, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Kriz, Edwin J., Architect; SEE Edwin J. Kriz (1898-1981), Architect, Lincoln, Omaha, Scottsbluff-Gering, Fremont, and Grand Island, Nebraska

Kros, Michael J., Architect; SEE Michael J. Kros, Architect, Bellevue, Nebraska, -2000

Krug, Nathan S., Architect; SEE Nathan S. Krug, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2003

Krupa, Robert R., Architect; SEE Robert R. Krupa, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1989-2000

Kruse, _____, see Brooks & Kruse, Omaha, Nebraska

Kruse, John R., Builder & Architect; SEE John R. Kruse (1860-1944), Builder & Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1916-1920

Kubat, Jan, Architect; SEE Jan Kubat, Carpenter, Crete, Nebraska, 1891

Kubista, Josef, Carpenter; SEE Josef Kubista, Carpenter, Weston, Nebraska, 1893

Kucireck, Emil J., Jr., Architect; SEE Emil J. Kucirek, Jr., Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1965-1976

Kucks, James D., Architect; SEE James D. Kucks, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-2000

Kuhlman, Lizabeth A., Architect; SEE Lizabeth A. Kuhlman, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Kuhlman, Timothy D., Architect; SEE Timothy D. Kuhlman, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Kunkle, Laura L., Architect; SEE Laura L. Kunkle, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Kunz, Frederick O., Architect; SEE Frederick Otto Kunz, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1887-1913

Kurmel, Daniel G., Architect; SEE Daniel G. Kurmel, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1980-2000

Kusek, Richard J., Architect; SEE Richard Joseph Kusek, Architect, Columbus, Nebraska, 1959

Kuska, George, Architect; SEE George Kuska (1921-2003), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1948; Salinas, California, 1950-2000s

Kuzelka, Steven J., Architect; SEE Steven J. Kuzelka, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Kvenild, Birger J, Architect; SEE Birger J. Kvenild (1879-1953), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1916-1953

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