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This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Note that links in boldface type represent architect and firm pages that are either more complete or are particularly well-developed. Links that are in red font are not live and represent pages that are still in queue. These pages may also have been deferred for lack of information or because the practitioner has more recently entered the scene. This index nonetheless provides a comprehensive list of those who practiced in Nebraska from 1854-2000. Files are kept for each.

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Daily, Michael E., Architect; SEE Michael E. Daily, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Daley, Frances E., Architect; SEE Frances E. Daley, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1935-1937

Daley, James S., Architect; SEE James S. Daley, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1969-1998

Daley & Walker, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1933

Daly, Leo A., Architect; SEE Leo Anthony Daly (1890-1952), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1921-1953

Daly, Leo Anthony, Jr., Architect; SEE Leo Anthony Daly, Jr. (1917-1981), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1949-1976

Daly, Leo A., III, Architect; SEE Leo Anthony Daly, III, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Daly, Leo A., Company, Architects; SEE Leo A. Daly Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1975

Dana, Irving Romine, Jr., Architect; SEE Irving Romine Dana, Jr. (1926-1998), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1992

Dana, Irving R. & Associates, Architects; SEE Irving R. Dana & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1964-1967

Dana Larson Roubal Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska

Daniel, Anton, Architect-Builder; SEE Anton Daniel (1862-1941), Architect-Builder, Crete, Nebraska, ca. 1883-ca. 1916

Daniel, Anton, and Son; SEE Anton Daniel & Son, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1909-1916

Daniel, Charles, Carpenter; SEE Charles Daniel (1890-1917), Carpenter, Crete, Nebraska, 1909-1916

Daniel, Edward, Builder; SEE Edward Daniel (1893-1977), Builder, Crete, Nebraska; Casper, Wyoming; and Denver, Colorado

Daniel, Frank, Jr., Builder-Architect; SEE Frank Daniel, Jr., Builder-Architect, Pawnee County, Nebraska

Daniel, Jan, Architect-Builder; SEE Jan Daniel (1856-1937), Architect-Builder, Stanton or Schuyler, c1882; and Crete, Nebraska, 1883-1905

Daniel, John, Jr., Carpenter-Builder; SEE John Daniel, Jr. (1883-1942), Carpenter-Builder, Crete, Nebraska, 1896-1934

Daniel, Tomas; SEE Tomas (Thomas) Daniel (1859-1908), Builder, Crete, Nebraska

Darley, James, Architect; SEE James Darley, Architect

Darling, Howard “Pat,” Engineer; SEE Howard "Pat" Darling (1931-1986), Engineer, Lincoln, Nebraska

Darling, Mary N., Architect; SEE Mary N. Darling, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Darrow, George, Architect; SEE George Darrow, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1884-1885

Darrow, Henry A., Architect; SEE Henry A. Darrow (ca. 1813-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1884-1898

Darschied, Br. Leonard (Lawrence), Architect; SEE Br. Leonard (Lawrence) Darscheidt, O. F. M. (1858-1944), Carpenter-Architect, Franciscan Provincial Architect, Province of the Sacred Heart, St. Louis, Missouri

Dart, J. S., Architect; SEE J. S. Dart, Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Daubman, Jay E., Architect; SEE Jay E. Daubman, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1989-2000

Daubman, Philip A., Architect; SEE Philip A. Daubman, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1975-2000

Davenport, Jeffrey L., Architect; SEE Jeffrey L. Davenport, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Davey, J. J., Architect; SEE J. Jeffery Davey (1868-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1900-1915

Davies, Reginald E., Architect; SEE Reginald E. Davies, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-1976

Davis, Ellery Hall, Architect; SEE Ellery Hall Davis (1912-2003), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942-1979

Davis, Ellery Lothrop, Architect; SEE Ellery Lothrop Davis (1887-1956), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1918-1920

Davis & Wilson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1921-1968

Davis Fenton Stange Darling, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-1994

Davis Design, Architects, Lincoln, Omaha, and North Platte, Nebraska, 1995-2003

Davis, L. A., Architect; SEE Leonard A. Davis (1856-1919) , Architect, South Omaha, 1902-1915; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1916

Dawson, M. F., Architect; SEE M. F. Dawson, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dawson, Robert Charles, Architect; SEE Robert Charles Dawson (1930-2014), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966-2000

Daxon, Bernard P., Architect; SEE Bernard Pierce Daxon, Architect & Engineer, Holdrege, Nebraska, 1954-1957

Day, Jeffrey L., Architect; SEE Jeffrey L. Day, Architect, Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Deakin, Fred W., Architect; SEE Fred W. Deakin, Architect & Engineer, Omaha, Nebraska, 1945-1949

Dean & Dean, Architects, Chicago, Illinois, 1903-1919

Dean, Arthur Randall (1869-1949), Architect, Chicago, Illinois; SEE Arthur Randall Dean, Architect, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1893; Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1890-ca. 1940

Dean, George Robinson (1864-1919), Architect, Chicago, Illinois; SEE George Robinson Dean, Architect, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1886-1889; Omaha, Nebraska 1890-1891; Boston, Massachusetts 1989-1891; Chicago, Illinois 1893-1919

Deane, Lawrence J., Architect; SEE Lawrence J. Deane, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-2000

Debuse, TIMOTHY J., Architect; SEE Timothy J. DeBuse, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Decker, Glenn R., Architect; SEE Glenn Robert Decker, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Decker. S. V., Architect; SEE S. V. Decker, Architect, South Omaha, 1890-1893, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1895

De La Matyr, Charles R., Architect; SEE Charles R. De La Matyr, Architect & Civil Engineer, Fremont, Nebraska, 1889-1911

Dellezenne, George, Architect; SEE George Dellezenne, Architect, Louisville, Nebraska, 1893-1895

Dennell, James K., Architect; SEE James K. Dennell, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska,1976-2000

Dennis, Charles, Architect & Builder; SEE Charles George Dennis (1892-1978), Architect & Builder, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1926-1928; Saint Joseph, Missouri, 1930-1941

Denny, John Milton, Architect; SEE John Milton Denny, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1986

Denney, Peter D., Architect & Builder; SEE Peter D. Denney (1843-1912), Architect & Builder, Fremont, Nebraska, 1867-1890

Design Associates of Lincoln Inc., Architects & Engineers, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1998-2008

Design Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Design Group, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Design Group, The, Architects and Planners; SEE The Design Group, Architects & Planners, Omaha, Nebraska, 1973-

DeWild, Grant & Rechert, Engineers & Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974

Dhaenens, Albert C., Architect; SEE Albert C. Dhaenens, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1954-1976

Dice, William C., Architect; SEE William C. Dice (1907-1969), Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1936-1944

Dickey, Thomas J., Architect; SEE Thomas J. Dickey, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1920

Dieman, Charles A., Architect; SEE Charles A. Dieman (ca. 1873-1937), Architect, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1896-1922; Denver, Colorado, 1923-1927; Houston, Texas, 1928-1930; Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1934-1937

Dieman & Fiske, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1900-1910

Dieman & Meginnis, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dietrich, Robert A., Architect; SEE Robert A. Dietrich, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1975-2000

Dietrick & Guth, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1887-1890

Dieterich, J. F., Architect; SEE J. F. Dieterich, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1879-1880

Dietrick, Joseph E., Architect; SEE Joseph E. Dietrick (1853-1916), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1891-1916

Dillon, Mozeal A., Architect; SEE Mozeal A. Dillon, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1976

Dineen, John P., JR., Architect; SEE John P. Dineen, Jr., Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 2000

Ditchner, _____, see Bourgeois & Ditchner, Omaha

Ditzen, Robert William, Architect; SEE Robert William Ditzen (1917-2006), Architect, Ralston, Nebraska, 1969-1976

Dodds, Everett Sherwood, Architect; SEE Everett Sherwood Dodds (1889-1958), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1914-1943

Doehling, Roger L., Architect; SEE Roger L. Doehling, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1995-2000

Dohn, Kurt A., Architect; SEE Kurt A. Dohn, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1980-2000

Dolansky, Josef, Architect; SEE Josef Dolansky, Architect, Crete, Nebraska, 1891

Donavan, W. E., Architect; SEE W. E. Donovan, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1896

Dort, _____, see Mc Fadden & Dort, Omaha

Dougher, Rich & Woodburn, Architects, Des Moines, Iowa, 1923-1947

Douglas, George S., Architect; SEE George S. Douglas, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2000

Douglas, Isaac, Architect; SEE Isaac Douglas (1853-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1879-1893

Doyle Construction Company, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska, 1960

Driscoll, Charles F., Architect; SEE Charles Francis Driscoll (1841-1929), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1870-1897; Pasadena, California, ca. 1900-1929

Driver, _____, see Forgy & Driver, Florence

Drury, Jonas, Architect & Builder; SEE Jonas Drury (1827-ca. 1912), Architect & Builder, Brownville, Nebraska, 1870

Dubas, Gary L., Architect; SEE Gary L. Dubas, Architect, Plattsmouth, Nebraska, -2000

Dubas, Keith, Architect; SEE Keith Dubas, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2003

Dubes, George R., JR., Architect; SEE George R. Dubes, Jr., Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -2000

Duckworth, William L., Architect; SEE William L. Duckworth, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1963-1976; 2000

Dueker, Taylor T., Architect; SEE Taylor T. Dueker, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, ____-2000

Duensing, John M. Architect; SEE John M. Duensing, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Duer, Dennis C., Architect; SEE Dennis C. Duer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2000

Duerschner, Arthur Erwin, Architect; SEE Arthur Erwin Duerschner (1922-1990), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-1976

Duffy, James Michael, Architect; SEE James Michael Duffy (1927-____), Architect, Sioux City, Iowa, 1963-1976

Dufrene, Alfred R., Architect; SEE Alfred R. Dufrene (1836-1898), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1874-1886

Dufrene & Mendelssohn, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1881-1885

Dunbar & Dunn, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1979

Dunbar, Jean Francis, Architect; SEE Jean Francis Dunbar (1925-2006), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1999

Duncan, Howard G., Architect; SEE Howard G. Duncan, Architect, Holdrege, 1959-1964, and Scottsbluff, Nebraska, 1962-2000

Dunn, _____, see Weigle & Dunn, Hastings

Dunn, Gary L, Architect; SEE Gary L. Dunn, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1976-1978, and Gulfport, Mississippi, -2000

Dunn, George W. Jr, Architect; SEE George W. Dunn, Jr. (1916-1999), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1979

Dunn, Guy Richard “Dick”, Jr., Architect; SEE Guy Richard “Dick” Dunn, Jr. (1930-____), Architect, North Platte, Nebraska, 1962-1977, 1980-1982; Lincoln, Nebraska, 1977-1980; and Fort Collins, Colorado, 1983-1996

Dunnavant & Thompson, Architects, Nashville, Tennessee

Duple, Donald R., Associates, Architects; SEE Donald R. Duple Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1972

Durand, Jackson, & Associates, Architects; SEE Jackson Durand & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1964-1965

Durham, Charles W., Civil Engineer; SEE Charles W. Durham (1917-2008), Civil Engineer, Omaha, Nebraska,

Duster, Christopher C., Architect; SEE Christopher C. Duster, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1982-2000

Dvoracek, Josef, Architect; SEE Josef Dvoracek, Architect, St. Paul, Nebraska, 1893

Dworak, Leo J, Architect; SEE Leo J. Dworak (1908-2005), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1991

Dwoskin, Hiram D., Architect; SEE Hiram D. Dwoskin, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1948-1957

Dyck, James A., Architect; SEE James A. Dyck, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Dyer, Albert Henry, Architect; SEE Albert Henry Dyer (1854-1926), Architect, O'Neill, 1890-1891, and Fremont, Nebraska, 1893-1912

Dyer, A. H., & Company, Architects; SEE A. H. Dyer & Company, Architects, Fremont, Nebraska, 1907-1917

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