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Emporia, Kansas, 1926-1962


Henry William Brinkman, 1926-1949

John Stanley Hagan, 1926-1962

Joseph Jerome Brinkman, ca. 1950-1962

Brinkman & Hagan practiced in Emporia, Kansas, designing primarily churches in Kansas and nearby states. They designed two churches in Nebraska. Henry William Brinkman was born in Germany in 1881, and his family had moved to Kansas by 1908. He graduated from the school of architecture at Kansas State College.[1] After graduation, he worked as an architect both alone and in this firm with J. Stanley Hagan. Hagan had been working as a draftsman in Wichita, Kansas prior to 1926, and he continued in the firm after H.W. Brinkman's death in 1949. Sometime after his father's death, J. Jerome Brinkman replaced him as partner in the firm. The firm likely lasted until 1962, when Hagan no longer listed the firm in his entry in the city directory. [2]

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St. Mary's Cathedral, 1926-1928 (D. Murphy)

Educational & Professional Associations

Buildings & Projects

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1926-1928), Grand Island, Nebraska. (HL06-004)

St Joseph Catholic Church (1918-1919), northwest corner Cherry St. and Second St., Colon, Nebraska. (SD04-009)[a]


a. St Joseph Catholic Church in Nebraska was Brinkman alone.


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