Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker, Architects

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Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-1976


Deon Franklin Bahr, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-2017

Robert Leroy Hanna, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-1976

Lynn Eugene Vermeer, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-1997

George Woods Haecker, Jr., Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-2017

This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Lineage of the Firm

1968-1969: Bahr & Hanna, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1970-1971: Bahr, Hanna & Vermeer, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1971-1976: Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

1977-2017: Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1971-1981: employed Keith Dubas, associate, then architect, in the Lincoln office.[3]

1971: employed Bob LeZotte, Architect.[3]

1975-1976: employed James B. Hohenstein, architect, in the Omaha office.

1975-1998: employed Gary R. Bowen, associate, then architect, in the Omaha office.[3]

1975: employed Mike Goldenstein, Architect.[3]

1976: employed Dan Spiry, Architect.[3]

Buildings & Projects

Mark Four Building (1973), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][2][3:93][a][b][c]

Brandzel House (1974), Fremont, Nebraska.[1][2][3][a][c]

Jones House (1974), Omaha, Nebraska. [1][c]

Brandzel Summer Residence (1974), Lake Ventura, Fremont, Nebraska.[5:40-41]

Hovland Swanson Department Store (1975), Omaha, Nebraska.[3:106][d]

Raintree Apartments (1975), Lincoln, Nebraska. [1]

Contributors, Capitol Environs Study (1975), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Westroads Racquet Club (1976-1977), Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2][a][c]

Executive Offices, Nebraska District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (1976), Seward Nebraska.[1][f]

A.V. Sorensen Library/Recreation Center (1976), 48th & Cass St., Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2][3:93][5:181][a][g]

Biscayne West New-Town-in-Town (1976), ____, ____.[1][2][a]

Publications and Exhibitions

“Young Architects and their Work”, Architectural Record (December, 1972).[11][12]

“Building Renovation” Mark Four Building, Design for Downtown (1973).[11][12]

“Record Houses of 1975” Brandzel Residence, Architectural Record (Mid-May, 1975).[11][12]

“Habitat Individual” Brandzel Residence, Architecture Francaise (October, 1975).[11][12]

“Nebraska AIA Awards 1976,” Fuchs Machinery & Supply, Architecture Nebraska (1976). [11][12]

Honors & Awards

1972: Honorable Mention, American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter, Deon Bahr Residence.[2]

1972: Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter, John Skold Residence.[2]

1973: Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter, Mark Four Building.[2]

1973: Annual Environment Award, SERTOMA, Mark Four Building.[1]

1974: Honor Award, American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter, Brandzel Residence.[2]

1974: Award of Excellence, American Institute of Architects, Central States Region, Mark Four Building.[2]

1975: Citation Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Fuchs Machinery & Supply.[2]

1976: Merit Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, AV. Sorensen Library/Recreation Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

1976: Honorable Mention, Biscayne West National Design Competition, Biscayne West New-Town-in-Town.[2]


a. An award winning project.

b. A preservation-adaptive reuse project.

c. George Haecker, designer.[4]

d. Deon Bahr, designer.[4]

e. Deon Bahr and George Haecker, designers.[4]

f. Deon Bahr and Robert Findley, designers.[4]

g. Gary Bowen, designer.[4]


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D. Murphy, “Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker, Architects,” in David Murphy, Edward F. Zimmer, and Lynn Meyer, comps. Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. Lincoln: Nebraska State Historical Society, January 5, 2017. Accessed, December 7, 2022.

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