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Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1918-ca. 1939

Arthur William Archer was born in April of 1833 to William and Mary Worrell Archer.[12] He was a Kansas City architect who graduated from the University of Illinois Architecture program in 1907, then worked as superintendent of government buildings in Marietta, Georgia, at least until 1911.[3] Sometime thereafter he opened a practice in Kansas City, Missouri, where he worked through at least the 1930s, part of that time in partnership as Archer & Gloyd. In 1921, he was one of the founders of the Architect’s Small House Service Bureau of Kansas City.[2] He was married to Nell B. Archer.[11] Archer died on July 2, 1950.[12]

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Educational & Professional Associations

ca. 1920s: architect, Archer & Goyd, Architects, Kansas City, Missouri.[4][13][14]

1944: Chairman, Kansas State Board of Registered Architects & Engineers [10]

Buildings & Projects

Federal Building (1911-1912), North Platte, Nebraska. [6]

St. Patrick’s School and Sisters’ House (1918), McCook, Nebraska.[1]

Plans for Lincoln County Courthouse (1919), North Platte, Nebraska. [7]

Hotel for Norton (1920), Manhattan, Kansas.[13][a]

Keystone Hotel (1922), 402 Norris Ave, Mc Cook, Nebraska.[4][a] (RW05-011)

Plan for Masonic Temple (1925), W 3rd & Fillmore, Missouri.[14][a]

Receiving Wing Addition (1934), Kansas City General Hospital, 2315 Locust, Kansas City, Missouri.[5]

McCook Air Base (1942), McCook, Nebraska. [8]

Red Willow "Project" (1943), Red Willow County, Nebraska.[9]


a. While in the partnership of Archer & Gloyd, Architects, Kansas City, Missouri.[4]


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