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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1956-1964


Dean Edwin Arter

William Speece, Engineer

The partnership of Arter & Speece was formed in 1956, and lasted until Dean Edwin Arter purchased the interest of William Speece in 1966. At that time, Arter formed a new firm, Dean E. Arter & Associates, and managed it until his death in 1995.[1] Speece continued his engineering practice, alone and in partnership. For a time, he taught structures full-time at the University of Nebraska School of Architecture.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1956, 1958-1964

Other Associations

1960: employed Guy Richard Dunn, Jr., architect.[4:6]

Buildings & Projects

Hampton Elementary School (1957-1958), Hampton, Nebraska.[2]

St. Andrews Lutheran Church (1958), West Avon Lane, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2]

Medical Village Office Building (1959), northwest corner 48th & A, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2]

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church (1959), Lyons, Nebraska.[2]

Fillmore County Hospital (1959), Geneva, Nebraska.[2]

Piedmont Seventh Day Adventist Church (1960), 4801 A St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Gymnasium Addition (1961), Public School, Walthill, Nebraska.[2]

Methodist Chapel & Student Center - Cornerstone Student Chapel (1962), University of Nebraska City Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][3]

Elementary School (1964), Valentine, Nebraska.[3]

Gering Senior High School (1965), Gering, Nebraska.[3]



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