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Pawnee City, Nebraska, 1870


James Andrews, Carpenter [2]

H. S. Jenkins, Carpenter [3]

Andrews & Jenkins were carpenters in Pawnee City, Nebraska, who advertised as architects and builders in an 1870 southeast Nebraska publication. James Andrews was born in Maine, the son of Dudley Andrews, a soldier of 1812, and born of English parents. James was a carpenter by trade. He was married to Frances Haines, daughter of Thomas Haines. Andrews and his wife moved west to Floyd County, Iowa, in 1857, where he was enlisted in an Iowa regiment during the Civil War. After a time in Nebraska, he went to Texas, near Dallas, where he died at the age of 60. He left two children, A. D. Jenkins, of Pawnee County, Nebraska, and Adelia F. Lepley, of Nemaha County, Kansas.[4] He was a Republican and a Mason. Nothing more is known of H. S. Jenkins, other than he was listed as a permanent settler of Table Rock, Nebraska.[5]

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Pawnee City, Nebraska, 1870.[1]

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