Albert L. Pugsley (1909-1977), Architect

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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1938-1940

Albert L. Pugsley was born in 1909 in Woodbine, Iowa, although he was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and Brookings, South Dakota. Pugsley graduated from South Dakota State University, and received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the prestigious Harvard University. From 1935-1941, Pugsley was the Assistant Professor of Architecture first at the University of Nebraska, and then at Kansas State University, in Manhattan. He was also Vice President and Dean of Academic Administration at K-State. In 1966, Pugsley left KSU to become Youngstown State University’s second president, retiring from that position in 1973. At some point during his career, Pugsley was President of the North Central States Accreditation Association. Pugsley died on October 16, 1977, survived by wife, Geraldine, and sons, Roy, Youngstown, Ohio, Charles, and Tracy.[1][2]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1938-1940

Educational & Professional Associations

____: Bachelor's Degree, South Dakota State University.[1][2]

____: Master's Degree, Architecture, Harvard University.[1][2]

1935-1941: Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][2]

1938: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-42; February 1, 1938.[3]

1941-ca. 1964: Assistant Professor of Architecture, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.[2]

ca. 1964-1966: Vice President and Dean of Academic Administration, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.[1][2]

1966-1973: President, Youngstown State University.[1][2]

1973: retired.[2]

1974: License expired December 31, 1974.[3]

Buildings & Projects


a. His father, Charles Pugsley, was an NU faculty member who founded the department of agronomy and farm management in 1909.[2]


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