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O'Neill, 1890-1891, and Fremont, Nebraska, 1893-1926

DBA: A. H. Dyer & Company; A. H. Dyer Company

Albert H. Dyer was born on June 3, 1854 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.[4][7] After growing up in New Haven, Connecticut, Dyer moved to Atkinson, Nebraska and married Hattie Blackmer on March 17, 1891.[4] They later settled in Fremont, Nebraska, where Dyer lived for the rest of his life.[4][7]

Dyer had a formative influence on Freemont's development as the place's first city building engineer, putting in place building regulations and ordinances.[4] Beyond this role, Dyer designed many buildings in Freemont and other Nebraskan towns in his capacity as an architect, despite his lack of college education.[4] People looked to him as an authority on reinforced concrete and beam loads.[4]

Dyer died on November 24, 1926.[7]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

O'Neill, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Fremont, Nebraska, 1893-1895, 1902-1903, 1906-1909, 1910-1926

Educational & Professional Associations

1890-1891: architect, O’Neill, Nebraska.

1893-1926: architect, Fremont, Nebraska.[4][7]

1907-1917: architect and principal, A. H. Dyer & Company, Architects, Fremont, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1916-1917: employed Emil Paul Schreier, draftsman.

1916-1917: employed Fred V. Thomas, draftsman.[9]

Buildings & Projects


Fremont Saddlery Company Building (1892), Fremont, Nebraska.[1]

Blumenthal Clothing Store Building (1893), Fremont, Nebraska.[5][b]

R. B. Schneider house (1897), 234 W 10th, Fremont, Nebraska. (DD05:A-051)

J. C. Robinson house (ca. 1900), 103 E. Lincoln, Waterloo, Nebraska.[2] (DO12-001) National Register narrative

Addition, Valentine Public School (1908), Valentine, Nebraska.[2] (CE14-002) National Register narrative

St. Luke’s Catholic Church [Kostel sv Lukase] (1910-1912), Loma, Nebraska. (BU09-005)

First National Bank Building (1912), 505-07 N Main, Fremont, Nebraska.

Fremont Junior High School (ca.1912), Fremont, Nebraska.[4]

Frank H. Fowler Store Building (1913), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Fremont High School (1913-1914), Fremont, Nebraska.[6] (DD05:D-154)

Dodge County Courthouse (1914-1917), 435 N Park Ave, Fremont, Nebraska.[4] (DD05:E-006)

Pathfinder Hotel (1916), Fremont, Nebraska.[4]

H. P. Lau Wholesale Grocery Building (1923-1924), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]


Farmers Telephone Company Office Building (n.d.), North Bend, Nebraska.[6]

Richards & Keene Warehouse (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Fremont Hospital (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Howells State Bank (n.d.), Howells, Nebraska.[6]

Colfax County Bank (n.d.), Howells, Nebraska.[6]

Wiley & Morehouse Warehouse (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

District 4 School (n.d.), Lodgepole, Nebraska.[6]

First National Bank (n.d.), Pilger, Nebraska.[6]

Fremont Stockyards and Land Company Office Building (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Bus Depot (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Alterations, Power Plant (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Fourth Grade School (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[4]

Casper High School (n.d.), Casper, Wyoming.[4]

North Bend High School (n.d.), North Bend, Nebraska.[4][a]

Annex, Hotel Eno (n.d.), location unknown.[6]

Store Building and Hotel Annex for Ruwe and Koehnhack (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Brick Store Building for Jesse A. Ruwe (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[6]

Odd Fellows Home (n.d.), York, Nebraska.[6]

Waechter Dwellings (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[8]


a. Reference [4] implies this is North Bend, Wyoming.

b. Reference [5] credits Dyer as the architect with Seeley & Son Company, Architects.


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