Abe H. Brodkey (1901-1963), Architect

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Abe H. Brodkey, 1941
Sioux City, Iowa, 1923-1927; Omaha, Nebraska, 1927-1963

DBA: A. H. Brodkey Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

Abe H. Brodkey was born in 1901 in Sioux City, Iowa. He practiced in Sioux City after getting his B. S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan.[3] He was married and had two daughters. He relocated to Omaha in 1927, starting his own construction firm under his own name.[3][5] He died on November 24, 1963 in Omaha.[5]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1941-1943

Educational & Professional Associations

1906-1914: Hopkins School, Sioux City, Iowa.[3]

1914-1918: Central High School, Sioux City, Iowa.[3]

1918-1923: B.S. in Architecture, University of Michigan.[3]

1923-1924: draftsman, Colby Westerland & Reynolds, Architects, Sioux City, Iowa.[3]

1924-1925: architect, Home Finance Company, Sioux City, Iowa.[3]

1925-1927: partner, Singer-Brodkey Company, Sioux City, Iowa.[3]

1927-1964: partner and president, A. H. Brodkey Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[3][5]][a]

1941: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, March 21, 1941; A-124.[3]

Other Associations

1932: employed Floyd E. Henzie as a superintendent.

1947-1957: employed George W. Dunn, estimator (1947-1955) and architect (1956-1957).

1959-1968: employed John Longmaid Offutt, estimator (1959-1963) and designer (1964-1968).

Buildings & Projects

House (1929), 108 S 55th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

House (1939), 659 J.E. George Blvd., Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0436-105)

Novak Cadillac-Bernard Brothers Auto Showroom (1952), 2525 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2] (DO09:0209-004)


a. During this period, and perhaps earlier, Brodkey may have also worked as a contractor. A. H. Brodkey & Company, for example, were the general contractors for construction of the Nazareth Hall and two new dormitories at the St. James' Orphanage, 60th & Bedford Avenue in Omaha, designed by Jacob Nachtigall. See "Contracts for 3 New Buildings are Signed," Evening World-Herald (June 5, 1931): 4.


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